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About Kain

KainWelsh-Irish, raised in England but i now live in Iowa (love/Hate) and have for 9 years. Still don't know what that big yellow glowing heat ball in the sky is? Would love to compose music for Video games and indi movies so i'm loading up on Eastwest QL vst's which blow everything else out of the water IMHO., knowing how difficult the process of composing,recording,mixing and mastering is, i have Total respect for all musicians, even if i think your music sucks,it's just a difference in taste =}.

My Studio

Aphex 207D
Focusrite Saffire pro 40
ECHO Mia Midi PCI Card,24/96,4x4in/out
Sonar 8 Producer & Tracktion 3
Ableton live 7
Oxygen 61
krk monitors (soon Fostex PMO1MKII)
Amd 64 pc,500gb,2gbram,7200(Power Mac G5,2gb Ram)
Kore 2 , Komplete 5
Ibanez SWX 65 Bass Amp
Audio Technica 2020 cond.Mic , Audix mic ,AKG 220
Les Paul custom Guitar ,Ibanez Roadgear RD50 Bass
Djembi , Monster power conditioner
COMING SOON...... Ibanex 6string Acoustic...

Contact Info

Email: kaingel1@hotmail.com