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Film-like tune feedback
Hi all! :)

I'm looking for some feedback on my latest piece inspired by old film music.

It's only a 1:29 long so I'll be very grateful if you could tell me your opinion/impressions. All tips are welcome! :)

The title is in Polish, but in English it would be "I need movies to cry".

Here it is:

FX buss question
I just set up a reverb FX buss on it's own track in reaper- I have figured out how to send the tracks to it and how to +/- reverb amount etc.
Do I leave the reverb track on mute during playback as the track has some reverbed out audio coming out of it- will I still get the desired effect on the other channels if it's muted?
Am I to assume you can only put one effect on each effect buss?- I tried to add delay to the reverb buss and I couldn't find the delay send level - just the one from the reverb(did they mix together on the track?)
What am I gaining by doing this universally? Most of the time I have been able to add multiple effects to each channel without any CPU issues ( sometimes delay will give some jitters to the tune in the first 15 seconds but thats about it)
Will this glue my mixes better?
Thanks Guys
Swashbuckling orchestral fanfare
Hi there,

I spend a lot of time on that one here, writing let alone recording (via Cubase and EWQLSO). What do you think of it? I am especially concerned with the mixing.

Best regards

mix feedback
Here is a tune that I have been working on. Not sure if I've overcompressed it to mush.
I did put the Kramer Master Tape plug on it for this mix which I think helps glue it.
Cynonyte - Dead Dream Gallery Demo
I've been updating our 'playlist' on our Facebook page as I wrap up mixing each song. If you're a fan of deathmetal, check out our new tunes (mixed) as well as some others still to be mixed.

Feedback is always welcome...

need help
First post of a mix here. The vibe of the tune is a bit quirky and lo fi. it seems to lack some punch. Any ideas?
Two new songs from an amateur:
So, in all fairness, the guy -is- a beginning musician, so the performance is a bit scrappy and loose.

Anyway, here are two songs that I just finished, well, almost finished recording and mixing. (finished if he doesn't want any further changes) Vocals and Acoustic were recorded at his house, then he came over to my place to use a synth and VSTi for the bass/keys/etc.

Drums are done using a very simple rhythm he wanted, which I programmed snare and kick into Jamstix, and let the drummer models take over for the rest. Adjusting the fills and accents to kinda fit took awhile. :P

Anyway, though he could use some lessons in theory and musicianship, the singing and performance isn't totally bad. (I've heard worse cover bands at least) I pointed him to some theory videos, and suggested he find a tutor and music teacher at some point when he can afford it.

And yes, I was bad, and uploaded MP3s to soundcloud instead of the WAV files, so they probably got recompressed for streaming. :P
Mixing Critique
Howdy All,
Originally posted this in the Mixing forum before I realized it should be here, oooops. Here is another that we just got done doing a few months ago. I will probably send these in for professional Mastering but what do you think about the Mix thus far. This one is called Seize the Day.
I'm working on my band's album and I have the mix to where I think sounds pretty good... but there's just something lacking that I can't pinpoint. It just doesn't have that oooomph in bigger rooms/car stereos. It sounds awesome in headphones though! Looking for some opinions/feedback on what you hear and think I should adjust. More boom in the kick? Guitars too flat? Vocals too dry? HELP!!

Kissed By Angels
Hi everyone,

Last summer a young lady was struck by a car while crossing the highway in a small town near where I live. It happened only a few meters away from me and I was the first responder. I applied my "rusty" first aid knowledge, held her and comfort her until help arrived 10 minutes later. The fact that she survived that day could only mean that she was Kissed By Angels.

New recording - from phone
Hey folks, recorded a new verse today, as an online friend from Chile asked if I would get on a song with his crew. Problem is all my recording equipment and music computer are all packed away in storage. So, I used my laptop with Reaper, and used the embedded array mic in my laptop to record. Concurrently, I recorded the verse on my android phone. I was able to send the recording over the internets and get it into Reaper. Threw some eq/compression on the 2 tracks and adjusted volume on the 2 tracks to taste. I'm actually not too mad at how it came out, given the equipment I was using.

The verse is below. The beat was sent from Chile. Now let's see if I can get soundcloud to work...

Need help on warm pad/soft strings
Its been very long time since I posted any topic on this forum. I have a very important and desparate requirement. I am looking for a background synth pad which sounds exactly like the one posted in the below AR Rahman's song. This is one of the oldest songs of AR Rahman and he uses these background pads to add soul to many of his songs. It has almost become AR Rahman's tradmark background pad these days.

I have explored a lot of synths (VST's) but I am unable to get this timbre/sound out however hard I try.Need your guidance on helping me in this. The pads start at 0.04 in the below youtube link and continues to flow throughout the song. You can hear it clearly again at 4.16

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