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Setting up and running live sound for concerts. It presents it's own problems that you never encounter in a studio situations, if you need help, ask here.

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What do you guys do when you walk into a bad sounding venue for a gig?
I am curious...this last weekend I had a gig at a cute little diner on the main drag of town. Couldn't ask for a better was the problem...the room wasn't built for bands, all reflective surfaces, a lot of glass (not uncommon), and small with little options for a dance floor or anything.

We were not turned up loud, but it sounded like it...we got done, people had fun, it turned out OK, he wants us back, yada yada yada...but I don't want to unless he fixes some stuff...the staff said it was too loud to communicate with each other, but it wasn't, per normal venue standards.

Has anyone dealt with that before, and are there any little tricks or anything to help remedy it?
Problem with my Monster Power PowerCenter PRO 3500
Last night on a gig, my conditioner shut down, luckily on the last song of a set, but I haven't been able to get it to work again. It shows that it is sharing power with the devices plugged into it, but it isn't. I can hear an alarm type high frequency beep coming from the unit. I hope someone on here has had the same problem and has a quick solution for me. Its the weekend, so I can't call the customer support line. I need to use my PA again in 2 hrs. I have this feeling like I'm totally F***ed, but maybe I'll get lucky: PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
Amount of load an amp can handle
My amp is a qsc powerlight 4.0 . In stereo mode 8 ohms / 4 ohms / 2ohms my question. Is how many 8 ohms speakers can I put on per side on the amp,
1 speaker = 8 ohms
2 speaker = 4 ohms
3 speaker = 2 ohms
1 speaker = 8 ohms
2 speaker = 4 ohms
3 speaker = 3.1 ohms
4 speaker = 2 ohms
I heard a lot of story's that you can load 4 speakers per side on a amp is that true? I know for sure that the qsc powerlight 9.0 PFC. Can't do 2 ohms load stated on the manual both in stereo and bridge
Qsc power light 9.0 PFC
I just got a new qsc powerlight 9.0 PFC. 1800 watts per channel @ 8 ohms , my question is can I put a RCF speaker 18 inc rated at 1800 watts RMS 3200 watts peak @ 8ohms , 1 speaker per side on the amp , is that safe? Or what do you recommend I put on each side on the amp
New ears
I'm all excited and had to share. Some time ago we went to a Presonus StudioLive mixer giving us individual ipad control over monitor mixes. Just received my first set of in-ears. Went with Westone 3x, top of my budget. We are already getting amazing live mixes and now I can't wait to get tracks with no monitor influence. The final decision for us was listening to a play back through the mains and then switching off the monitors. Night and day in clarity.
Kick Drum Problems
Howdy All,
When I mic our kick drum for live sound it always clips in order to get that heart felt punch that you physically feel from the subs. I try to get that punch without clipping, but the second I drop the levels to where there is no clipping I lose the punch. Is it normal for the kick to slightly clip in order to get the punch from it or am I doing something wrong??
How do you set up your practice space?
Thought this might be an interesting topic to spur a little bit of conversation...and something I have been thinking about recently.

I have always liked amps with the kick back cabinet style to it sits on the floor like a stage monitor...but it seems bass amps are the only amps that commonly come like that, guitar amps don't as, unless you prop amps up on a table or, have a stand that tilts it, the sounds stays down around the floor.

The guys I have been jamming with have it down on the the best sound hits our ankles...seems tilting everyone back would allow a better sound, and probably be able to practice overall quieter as well.

In the old days we all propped amps up at chest or head level and ran full power anyway, such was youth, it worked, but today I think a little more about overall volume, disturbing the kids upstairs in the house and stuff like that...

How do yous guys set up your practice spaces?
Seismic Cabinet eBay blowout
They've got a few cabs sitting around the warehouse left over from speaker blowouts and whatnot that they have robbed for parts in the factory and stuff...well, they are auctioning a bunch off in case anyone is interested in new speakers...some assembly, and parts, required.
Practice Space Decision
Hello All,
My band currently practices in a 23' long x 10' wide x 7' high room. I have the drummer setup at one end of the 23' with our FOH speakers on each side of him and everyone strewned through the room working their way away from the drummer toward the other end of the 23' room. I now have an option of moving to a 18' x 16' x 8' room which as you can see is more square than the current room. Do you think it would benefit us at all to change rooms, obviously the new room would only give us about an extra 7.5 square feet of space, but the shape has me wondering if it is beneficial.
can you tell me where is positive and where negative
is the tab farthest from the nut positive or negative?

help wiring a 4 x 10 bass cab
i have an emply 4x10 bass cab
I have 2 10'' 8 ohm speakers
I have 2 10'' 16 ohm speakers
can I wire them in the same cab?
ray s
ps I am looking for an 8 ohm load or there abouts.
Amp to Speaker Help
How would you run this amp to speaker setup??

(2) Yamaha SW118 Subs (300noise, 600prg, 1000pk)
(2) Peavey SP2 tops (500cont, 1000prg, 2000pk)
(1) Behringer EP4000 (8ohm 550W, 4ohm 950W) (Bridged 4ohm 2400W...... 4ohm Peak power is 4000W)
(2) EP2500 (8ohm 500W, 4ohm 750W) (Bridged 4ohm 2400W)

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