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Room treatment
in my everlasting journey to better mixes, I know realize that I need to get some traps and wall treatment going. My room is pretty small 11x 13 and I share it with my wife and all of her art stuff(it's a lot!) and with my gear- it's pretty tight.
What is the minimum I should start with? I have 8 Rock wool slabs on order and will begin assembly of some panels when they arrive.
Audition 3.0 transfer
I have Adobe Audition 3.0 recording software downloaded on my current laptop. How do I "transfer" this current software onto a new laptop computer without having to purchase and download another from Adobe?

Thanks for your help.
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Subwoofers in a home theater
So, this is a mite off topic insofar as recording goes, but I figure there will be some decent opinions to be had from the members.

I built a home theater a while back, slowly assembled gear, and right now I have dual 10" subwoofers in cabs I found in a pawn shop and they sound great, project well, tight, but big sound...epic.

Problem is, I think it's a bit overpowered, but, the sub amp doesn't have a volume adjustment, just a straight power line varied by what is fed into it...with the subs facing outward it's huge...my 13 year old LOVES it, I don't...

I am considering putting 6" table legs on the front and aiming them downward...I have seen bottom firing subs, just wonder if this will lessen the direct impact of the sound before I invest a few dollars, and time into it.

Even considered putting some legs on the back as well, that would then aim up and put a heavy glass top and make them end tables.

New ears
I'm all excited and had to share. Some time ago we went to a Presonus StudioLive mixer giving us individual ipad control over monitor mixes. Just received my first set of in-ears. Went with Westone 3x, top of my budget. We are already getting amazing live mixes and now I can't wait to get tracks with no monitor influence. The final decision for us was listening to a play back through the mains and then switching off the monitors. Night and day in clarity.
Anyone know how to make a standard tamborine shake sound with Komplete
I recently bought Komplete 9 and I can't believe there are no tamborine loops. All I need is a standard back and forth shake of a tamborine.

Anyone have any recommendations besides buying an actual tamborine?
Eq on a mono track - Or to a Stereo Bus?
This is more of a "what would you do" sort of question. I know there's no wrong/right way to do it, but I want to gauge some opinions.

I'm trying to EQ 2 mono guitar tracks (recorded using SM57 on cab speaker; no plugins or digital processing). They're very boomy and crunchy and could use some hi/low shelves + some EQ.

But here's the heart of my issue:

My mono EQ plugins are kinda lame; my stereo plugins kick ***. Would I be better off to EQ each mono track separately or sending them both to the L & R of a stereo bus with the better EQ? MY own opinion says to feed them into the Stereo Bus, but if I do that, I can't figure out how to stop the mono track from still outputting sound (i.e... 2 tracks just became 4). If I reduce the gain on the mono tracks, it drops the gain on the Bus. Is there something I should be looking for to send the output directly to the bus, if possible?

Or, avoid the hastle and just EQ using mono EQ plugins per track?

EDIT: I'm a dumb-***. I just realized all I had to do was disconnect the main mono tracks from the master out. This lets the bus do all the driving (sort of speak).
Processing Request.
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