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Dan B.
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  • On Jul 17 2014, 01:19 am in Gear Gab
Audio foam placement
Just curious here, what are people's different theories (or proven facts) regarding the placement of pieces of audio absorbing foam?

I have about 16 2x2 sheets right now, started hanging a few in obvious places, like using them to interrupt long, flat surfaces or places like that...and it got me to wondering what other folks do when they hang it, how they decide where, or, do people use it as more of a "it looks nice there" sort of thing?

Logic Pro X
I'm making my way over to logic right now, Using the exact same equipment I've been using with other DAWS for years. I have a Senhieser MK4 in through a Shure X2u as my temp interface until I can afford to buy a new one. Again these have worked with no problems in Adobe audition 3 that I was using for years.

My problem is that while I'm recording I'm picking up very little audio, enough to be able to play back and hear something but nothing you can really work with. My gain is as high as it can go without distorting and yes my PP is turned on. any help appreciated.
Critique my mix, please! (very poppy but Pixies-esque)
Hey everyone - I've been working on this mix for my band and would really appreciate some feedback on it. I'm really trying not to overproduce this song, so there aren't many bells and whistles on the track (at least compared to what we usually do, which is usually a lot more ornate than this). There's some tape saturation (from the Waves J37 plugin) on the vocals and drums, and that's really it besides some minimal EQ'ing and compression and reverb on all the vocals. Currently there is nothing on the master bus.

Any general advice/feedback would be appreciated, but I'm mostly worried about EQ/frequency issues that my inexperienced ears might be missing. I feel like I always struggle with the EQ process, especially when trying to add complimentary EQ to instruments. If any of the elements in this track seem to be fighting for frequency space, or if you hear any detrimental frequency buildup, please let me know! Thanks!

Here's a SoundCloud link to the song:
FX buss question
I just set up a reverb FX buss on it's own track in reaper- I have figured out how to send the tracks to it and how to +/- reverb amount etc.
Do I leave the reverb track on mute during playback as the track has some reverbed out audio coming out of it- will I still get the desired effect on the other channels if it's muted?
Am I to assume you can only put one effect on each effect buss?- I tried to add delay to the reverb buss and I couldn't find the delay send level - just the one from the reverb(did they mix together on the track?)
What am I gaining by doing this universally? Most of the time I have been able to add multiple effects to each channel without any CPU issues ( sometimes delay will give some jitters to the tune in the first 15 seconds but thats about it)
Will this glue my mixes better?
Thanks Guys
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  • On May 15 2014, 03:05 am in Gear Gab
Behr mx9000 ps revF Rebuild Parts List
I am hoping that someone out there who has had the MX9000 melt-down experience has re-built and UPGRADED components to 5A in both 18vdc rails. I am hoping to find a parts list for ALL of those components from someone who's done it and reaped more than 500 hours return from the PS.
Too many articles out there from hobbyists (well, you know what I mean)
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  • On May 11 2014, 02:12 pm in Talkin' Smack
Philly is official!
We're going to move August 1st.

We made our final decision for the apartment: Metropolitan at Wynnewood. It has some nice features, and it's a lovely area. 10 min walk to the Wynnewood station, and shopping/restaurants very close by too.

So yeah! Signing the lease later today!
Processing Request.
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