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That blasted Metronome! How do you guys record bands?
Curious as to how most of you record bands and have all of them keep the timing.

Here's my scenario. With my studio being only one room and having only 8 simultaneous mic inputs (all used up by my drums), there's no way for me to record drums WHILE having the guitar player play at the same time (DI).

So what I usually do is have them 'scratch track' as best they can to a metronome. This take A LOT of time, believe it or not, because they're used to playing along with the drums... and the lack of drums tends to throw them off more than you can imagine. Stupid death metal.. why's it gotta be so complicated?

Anyway.. back on point. Then, I record drums to the scratch track (with metronome as well) only to learn that we either forgot a part, or left a verse too short or whatever the case may be. So the scratch track process starts all over again.

Now... I could try to get around this nuance by playing drums (but not recording) whilst they record the scratch track, but my ability to keep with the metronome while trying to listen to the guitar player at the same time is even more impossible, especially when the songs change time/tempos.

So this leads to the question: What process do you guys use to record in perfect timing... especially if the metronome needs to be adjusted say from a 1/4 to a 3/4 during parts of the song? Are the bands you record just that well prepared or do you find yourself in similar scenarios?
Cubase 7.5 pre eq
Been a minute since I dropped by. Can't find anything on this except the Steinberg hype that it is a new "feature". Questionable nomenclature at this juncture.

Has anyone used the pre-eq in Cubase? Not too sure what to do with it. Obviously you can assign a low shelf at a selectable frequency as well as a high shelf. So exactly how does the gain adjustment effect either or both? It appears it could actually be a feature if it were to help cut out the rumble region hopefully with a steeper Q than the low shelf on eq1. Or maybe it's just window dressing?
Hey all...i am currently building a basement project studio...and i have one big question that google couldnt answer. I am building a small iso booth primarily for vox dubs and possibly guitar cab iso...the room wont be soundproof because i dont have that kind of money but i will try to make it as much so as possible. My question is...there is an AC cable going right thru the top of it in the studs...i can move it a bit...but i was toying with the idea of a recessed light in there. In the past i have had issues with microphones sounding thin if placed too close to an overhead junction box. Is that something i should consider with a jbox or recessed can overhead? Or was it perhaps a faulty jbox in my previous experience?.
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DIY: first two panels almost done!
So, I decided I'll build frames later, and just use the panels frameless for now. I can't sew, so creating a slip bag was out. Staples (as I thought) didn't work so well.

So, I got a hot glue gun, cheap, effective, and worked well. The glue gun + a pack of 10 sticks cost $15 total. I used the glue at high temperature setting, and glued the two insulation panels together. The outer panel is Roxul 60, and the inner panel is OC703.

Next, going one edge at a time, I wrapped the edges of the fabric around, and glued the fabric to the OC703. Not unlike wrapping a present. I didn't have enough fabric to completely enclose the back, so I'll probably get something cheap like muslin to finish the back of the panel.

I used gaffers tape to further secure the fabric to itself, and to the panels. It seemed to work pretty well. So yeah, the first two wall panels are practically done!

Here's links to the pics on my facebook page.





I still need to cut up the Roxul Safe N Sound into squares so I can build the corner column traps. My wife won't let me do the cutting in the house though, so I haven't got around to it yet, hehe. The fabric limits how tall I can make part of the column, so I have to split the column into 4 21-inch segments. :/
Left Right volume balance in Reaper
Gang- I am having trouble keeping the volume balanced between the left and right side of the Master on my mixes. Some plugs I use seem to send info to the left side and it becomes the dominant side of my mixes. Any ideas?
Delta-44 | Audition 3 | Behringer 1204USB
I'm having trouble getting this set-up set up. I replaced my old Behringer board with a Behringer Xenyx 1204 USB board and I prefer to use the Delta-44 interface instead of the USB.

I can get sound through the mixer, and into Adobe Audition, but if I try to record a track while playing a reference track, I get feedback.

Has anyone here set up a Delta-44 with this mixer?
Processing Request.
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