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acoustic rain
insert cable
I want to use an insert cable to monitor effects while recording. I am researching effects units (Lexicon MX200, TC Electronics M-350, and the like); none of which have sends and returns. I haven't set up like this in a long time so I may be missing an important component (a mixer?). Can I monitor effects while recording vocals with one of these units and an insert cable? If I'm totally wrong, please steer me in the right direction. Thank you.
Amount of load an amp can handle
My amp is a qsc powerlight 4.0 . In stereo mode 8 ohms / 4 ohms / 2ohms my question. Is how many 8 ohms speakers can I put on per side on the amp,
1 speaker = 8 ohms
2 speaker = 4 ohms
3 speaker = 2 ohms
1 speaker = 8 ohms
2 speaker = 4 ohms
3 speaker = 3.1 ohms
4 speaker = 2 ohms
I heard a lot of story's that you can load 4 speakers per side on a amp is that true? I know for sure that the qsc powerlight 9.0 PFC. Can't do 2 ohms load stated on the manual both in stereo and bridge
Qsc power light 9.0 PFC
I just got a new qsc powerlight 9.0 PFC. 1800 watts per channel @ 8 ohms , my question is can I put a RCF speaker 18 inc rated at 1800 watts RMS 3200 watts peak @ 8ohms , 1 speaker per side on the amp , is that safe? Or what do you recommend I put on each side on the amp
Film-like tune feedback
Hi all! :)

I'm looking for some feedback on my latest piece inspired by old film music.

It's only a 1:29 long so I'll be very grateful if you could tell me your opinion/impressions. All tips are welcome! :)

The title is in Polish, but in English it would be "I need movies to cry".

Here it is:

Room treatment
in my everlasting journey to better mixes, I know realize that I need to get some traps and wall treatment going. My room is pretty small 11x 13 and I share it with my wife and all of her art stuff(it's a lot!) and with my gear- it's pretty tight.
What is the minimum I should start with? I have 8 Rock wool slabs on order and will begin assembly of some panels when they arrive.
Audition 3.0 transfer
I have Adobe Audition 3.0 recording software downloaded on my current laptop. How do I "transfer" this current software onto a new laptop computer without having to purchase and download another from Adobe?

Thanks for your help.
Processing Request.
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