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mix feedback
Here is a tune that I have been working on. Not sure if I've overcompressed it to mush.
I did put the Kramer Master Tape plug on it for this mix which I think helps glue it.
Cynonyte - Dead Dream Gallery Demo
I've been updating our 'playlist' on our Facebook page as I wrap up mixing each song. If you're a fan of deathmetal, check out our new tunes (mixed) as well as some others still to be mixed.


Feedback is always welcome...

need help
First post of a mix here. The vibe of the tune is a bit quirky and lo fi. it seems to lack some punch. Any ideas?

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  • On Apr 20 2014, 10:49 am in Gear Gab
All budget friendly mics sound harsh???
Hi all,

The more I listen to my recordings the more I started to notice that the high end on my vocal recordings sound harsh. These days it bothers me so much that I am considering buying a new mic (assuming that this is the source of the harshness).

However I never had a chance to try an expensive / high end mic to this day so I don't know if I will still have the same issues. Spending $3500 on an U87 to test out my assumption is terrifying.

So in your experience do I have to spend excessive amounts of cash to get a mic that doesn't have this harsness?

My gear;

UA 610 MkII (preamp)
MXL 990
MXL V250
Sterling ST66
Blue Spark
HELP please
Hi, I have a Yamaha keyboard, Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer, Roland 3100 mixer, Akai S5000 sampler connected through USB to my old good computer, Roland SCC-1 sound card module and Emagic mt4 for Midi in/out. I have Voytra, which I used a bit and Cubase softeware, that I have not used before. I have a problem setting it up and get all the pieces talking to each other. I had these equioments for years now as I was setting up a home studio to help with the recording of some hymns for teh church and sunday school as a service, but we ended up using another studio, byt the person helping us is very busy and we can not rely on him any longer. So, I am askiIng for help to set up the home studo and get it to work. I live in Mascot in Sydney. Thank you in advance and God bless.
FX buss question
I just set up a reverb FX buss on it's own track in reaper- I have figured out how to send the tracks to it and how to +/- reverb amount etc.
Do I leave the reverb track on mute during playback as the track has some reverbed out audio coming out of it- will I still get the desired effect on the other channels if it's muted?
Am I to assume you can only put one effect on each effect buss?- I tried to add delay to the reverb buss and I couldn't find the delay send level - just the one from the reverb(did they mix together on the track?)
What am I gaining by doing this universally? Most of the time I have been able to add multiple effects to each channel without any CPU issues ( sometimes delay will give some jitters to the tune in the first 15 seconds but thats about it)
Will this glue my mixes better?
Thanks Guys
Processing Request.
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