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Multitrack Usage with Cool Edit Pro
I'm using an Alesis Multimix usb 8 mixer with CEP. It is an 8 channel mixer so i want to utilize them. I'll have 3 mics(for voice) and 1 input for a sampler. How do I have them record in CEP in their own track? In other words: input1-mic1-track1, input2-mic2-track2, input3-mic3-track3, input4-sampler-track4?? Can anybody help?

BTW, this is my first post, nice to be here!! I wish I woulda know about this forum YEARS ago!
Adobe Audition 3 stops recording when i click on another window
adobe Audition. 3 stops recording when i click on another window
I went into a music shop today...
I wanted to upgrade my gear - find out what's new, what gear people are using and stuff.

I found out that I am mega out of touch.

I currently use a Line6 TonePort with Gearbox, a Korg Pandora and REAPER.

Apparently REAPER is still good.

Line6 haven't replaced the TonePort; apparently there's nothing like it any more.. the guy looked at me like I had two heads when I asked him what the latest version of the Korg Pandora was. They said people now use their Android or iPhones now as pre-amps. Is this true? What apps do you use? How do you stick it all together with headphones and cabling etc?


MARANTZ PMD 660 - screen not showing...

our field reporter uses the marantz pmd 660, and this morning he came to me with the problem that his LED display screen on the unit is not showing up. its completly blank.

i have tried both just using batteries.. and just using the power connection and neither one gives me a result.

when i press the light button, the screen lights up but there is still no LCD display. pressing any of the other buttons "menu", etc etc.. also warrants no response.

you can press play and hear the tracks playing and such, but without being able to see track numbers and timecode in the display its a worthless process to us....

any tips, suggestions, or other outlets to search for an answer would be greatly appreciated.
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Subwoofer placement in a home theater
So, this is a mite off topic insofar as recording goes, but I figure there will be some decent opinions to be had from the members.

I built a home theater a while back, slowly assembled gear, and right now I have dual 10" subwoofers in cabs I found in a pawn shop and they sound great, project well, tight, but big sound...epic.

Problem is, I think it's a bit overpowered, but, the sub amp doesn't have a volume adjustment, just a straight power line varied by what is fed into it...with the subs facing outward it's huge...my 13 year old LOVES it, I don't...

I am considering putting 6" table legs on the front and aiming them downward...I have seen bottom firing subs, just wonder if this will lessen the direct impact of the sound before I invest a few dollars, and time into it.

Even considered putting some legs on the back as well, that would then aim up and put a heavy glass top and make them end tables.

acoustic rain
insert cable
I want to use an insert cable to monitor effects while recording. I am researching effects units (Lexicon MX200, TC Electronics M-350, and the like); none of which have sends and returns. I haven't set up like this in a long time so I may be missing an important component (a mixer?). Can I monitor effects while recording vocals with one of these units and an insert cable? If I'm totally wrong, please steer me in the right direction. Thank you.
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