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Having trouble getting your mix to...mix? Mixing can be a very complex, detailed topic that is really the heart of any good recording. If you need help, ask here.

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My first post here :) Can someone please critique my mix?
First of all want to say hi to everyone this is my first post here. I have been working for this acoustic cover over past few weeks. My ears are now so numb to this song and cannot figure out the problem myself. This is nothing very professional but I just want to make it comfortable for listen.

Here is my work:

Can someone please figure out any problems in my mix?

Thanks in advanced.
Room treatment
in my everlasting journey to better mixes, I know realize that I need to get some traps and wall treatment going. My room is pretty small 11x 13 and I share it with my wife and all of her art stuff(it's a lot!) and with my gear- it's pretty tight.
What is the minimum I should start with? I have 8 Rock wool slabs on order and will begin assembly of some panels when they arrive.
Eq on a mono track - Or to a Stereo Bus?
This is more of a "what would you do" sort of question. I know there's no wrong/right way to do it, but I want to gauge some opinions.

I'm trying to EQ 2 mono guitar tracks (recorded using SM57 on cab speaker; no plugins or digital processing). They're very boomy and crunchy and could use some hi/low shelves + some EQ.

But here's the heart of my issue:

My mono EQ plugins are kinda lame; my stereo plugins kick ***. Would I be better off to EQ each mono track separately or sending them both to the L & R of a stereo bus with the better EQ? MY own opinion says to feed them into the Stereo Bus, but if I do that, I can't figure out how to stop the mono track from still outputting sound (i.e... 2 tracks just became 4). If I reduce the gain on the mono tracks, it drops the gain on the Bus. Is there something I should be looking for to send the output directly to the bus, if possible?

Or, avoid the hastle and just EQ using mono EQ plugins per track?

EDIT: I'm a dumb-***. I just realized all I had to do was disconnect the main mono tracks from the master out. This lets the bus do all the driving (sort of speak).
Cubase 7.5 pre eq
Been a minute since I dropped by. Can't find anything on this except the Steinberg hype that it is a new "feature". Questionable nomenclature at this juncture.

Has anyone used the pre-eq in Cubase? Not too sure what to do with it. Obviously you can assign a low shelf at a selectable frequency as well as a high shelf. So exactly how does the gain adjustment effect either or both? It appears it could actually be a feature if it were to help cut out the rumble region hopefully with a steeper Q than the low shelf on eq1. Or maybe it's just window dressing?
Left Right volume balance in Reaper
Gang- I am having trouble keeping the volume balanced between the left and right side of the Master on my mixes. Some plugs I use seem to send info to the left side and it becomes the dominant side of my mixes. Any ideas?
Critique my mix, please! (very poppy but Pixies-esque)
Hey everyone - I've been working on this mix for my band and would really appreciate some feedback on it. I'm really trying not to overproduce this song, so there aren't many bells and whistles on the track (at least compared to what we usually do, which is usually a lot more ornate than this). There's some tape saturation (from the Waves J37 plugin) on the vocals and drums, and that's really it besides some minimal EQ'ing and compression and reverb on all the vocals. Currently there is nothing on the master bus.

Any general advice/feedback would be appreciated, but I'm mostly worried about EQ/frequency issues that my inexperienced ears might be missing. I feel like I always struggle with the EQ process, especially when trying to add complimentary EQ to instruments. If any of the elements in this track seem to be fighting for frequency space, or if you hear any detrimental frequency buildup, please let me know! Thanks!

Here's a SoundCloud link to the song:
wide backing vocals
Hi all!

Ive been listening to Dave Grohl's Sound City Players album (really liking the neve sound) but in particular Ive noticed that Ive never really got my backing vocal sound sorted - listening to "You cant fix this" with Stevie Nicks on Vox and Dave Grohl on backing (

sound im talking about at 1.32)- I think they go for a kind of Fleetwood Mac sound with the backing but Im not sure how to do it really - its a wide stereo sound without appearing in the middle much as to take anything away from the main vocal part - im thinking copy the mono track and reverse phase shift one? But im pretty sure they were going back to basics with no digital processing and im not sure if phase reverse was easy to do (?) There is also another wide backing vox sound which is more in your face at 2.50 which again Im not too sure how to replicate.

Thanks in advance!
Symphony and Choirs
Hello Everyone,
I am currently working on our 3rd album and we decided that we were going to start mixing some symphony and choir into our songs, kind of like a Nightwish type sound of Symphonic Metal so to speak. Anyways, I have no idea how to mix something like this... how would one mix this i.e. do you pan off to the sides or keep it up the middle?? Any ideas?

Disturbing feedback on Vocal levels/mix
Hi everybody...

I recently started publishing my work online so its the first time I am receiving feedback from people I don't know.

I used a service provided by reverbnation to send out my songs to be rated by random people (50 people in total). What was disturbing about the comments was that there was a noticeable number of people saying that they were having a hard time hearing the vocals. These comments were not only for one song but all of the songs (total of 10 songs) that I submitted. Since I am inexperienced with mixing I started doubting myself on whether or not I made a huge rookie mistake when mixing in the vocals and I don't know about it...

I trust the ears of the people in this forum. Have I done something wrong with the vocals in my mix???

Here is one of the songs that I received the commnents on but all other songs there were similar comments...

Chris Burke
Help with understanding loudness, please!!
Dear Anyone.

OK, this is gonna sound crazy silly to anyone who knows more than I do, but every mix I try to do sounds a ton quieter than the meters say it should do. I play someone else's track, it sounds nice'n'loud and the meters are going up to just below 0DB. I play my track and the meters go up to just below 0DB, but it SOUNDS like they should be about 20 decibels LOWER than that.

Now I write, ATM, until I know more, piano'n'strings New Age music (cringe and get it over with, all you rock gods!) I've got Edirol Orchestral and East West Gold Edition orchestras and have this problem with both - meters say 'fine', ears say 'far too quiet'. I'm not thinking it's compression - why? Because a guy on another forum said he never used compression on strings and his strings sounded lovely and loud and took my meters up to just under zero DB. Mine take the meters up the same amount, prettywell exactly, and they just sound a ton quieter.

Anyone got any ideas why? I've tried just turning them up/adding more velocity and the velocity makes them sound loud-ER but distorted, as does using straight gain. I've tried using compression on the strings but by the time that gets them any louder you can REALLY hear the distortion, it kills the track (not that the track was brilliant anyway!)

I'd love to follow all the tips'n'tricks on this great looking site but first of all I have to crack this lack-of-loudness problem - it's there even if I haven't EQ'd anything, so I don't think it's EQ taking on the role of volume. I USED to be guilty of that, granted, bigstyle, but my EQ'ing's OK in itself now (could always learn more but the basics are there.)_

It's just this lack-of-loudness thing that's throwing me. Wouldn't mind if it was just 8 notes in a scale if I could make the scale sound as loud as any other piano piece on the Web!

Any ideas will be tried, I promise you.

Yours uselessly

Ideas for a specific reverb
So, I've been trying to get a specific reverb sound on my backup vocals. The reverb was pretty common for old (1970s-ish) samba/bossa nova, brazilian jazz type music.The video below has the reverb I'm talking about during the chorus. Any opinions how to get that sound?

Adam Mutschler
Mixing - song by song, or the whole thing?
So I took a look around, and it's been touched on. But I couldn't find a topic that was exactly what I was looking for, so here it is.

I am nearing the end of an 11 song project. I currently have all of the songs on a single "project" file. Logic tells me that it would be quite the time saver to mix the entire project and be done with it...

For some reason, I cannot get past the overwhelming desire to break the project up into individual songs so that I can apply different things to each song. The songs are fairly versatile, ranging from in your face rock, to a more mellow feel and groove.

My third and final thought was to categorize the songs that I feel would work well together, and break the project into two or three "group projects". This would let me crank the loud guitars for the rock stuff, and layoff for the mellow. Thoughts?
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