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Loop Loft Giveaway is pretty cool
I saw these links on Facebook and figured, why not? They are actually pretty usable loops, perhaps not within songwriting or the "band" context, but for some compositions, maybe bumper music for videographers, background music, etc, might be workable.
Recording Dummy
Driver Recognition Problem with Mixer, PC and Mixcraft Pro Studio 7
Hi guys

First let me tell you what I'm working with: Behringer Xenyx 2442USB mixer, a PC running Windows 10 and recording software Mixcraft Pro Studio 7. Before attempting to use the mixer, I had a Line6 TonePort UX2 interface which I had for a number of years but now showing signs of wear.

I use the Behringer in a PA system so I know how to set it up for live work and thought it would be useful to record with, how hard can it be? Well, I think I've got everything connected correctly but I have no sound showing when the track is armed!

All the physical connections are there, USB, Main Out from the mixer to the PC are Ok,
I've rechecked the mixer recording instructions that I found on the 'Behringer' website, - 2-TR/USB switch to be depressed, I can hear my voice loud and clear through the mixer control panel headphones but no sound shows in the software.

Whilst it receives the signal from the mixer and delivers audio output (Headphones), it fails to pair with the recording software; my first logical thought would be a driver problem, so I downloaded ASIO4ALL v2 from Behringer as recommended.

'Preferences', ('Sound Device' and 'Recording' section), this has three options Core Audio (Wave RT), ASIO and Wave , I was advised by Mixcraft that I need to select the dropdown choice: Microphone (USB Audio CODEC), now that option is available only with Core Audio (Wave RT) and Wave, I have carried out so many different permutations in 'Preferences' as well as the 'Arm Recording Channel' and now confusion reigns Ok!

And I still can't get any movement on the 'Armed Track Sound Indicator'!!

Sorry, but I'm a total layman when it comes to (recording technology), so my terminology may well fall short of what I trying to explain, but I am trying to learn more about home recording (I have ordered a copy of 'Home Recording for Dummies'), but it's not easy for a non technical person to take on board all the jargon.

I think you are my last hope!

Many thanks
swervegarden jr
M-Audio delta 1010lt multiple cards
i use a 1010lt to record multitrack into adobe audition... i want more inputs than the card has, so i was wondering if i could run two 101lt's in 1 pc... and if audition would recognize the difference between the 2... if not, does anyone know any soundcards with more inputs than the 1010lt? or software that would support 2 soundcards like this? thanks -Derek
90% off of drum loops and samples from the LoopLoft
Save 90% on The All-Star Multitrack Drum Bundle featuring Omar Hakim, Matt Chamberlain, Simon Phillips & Joey Waronker. Hurry - Ends tomorrow!
Multitrack Drums Master Bundle 80% Off

Not exactly sure what this even is, never heard of it before, but, was kinda hard to not at least post something about it...for those that do know what it is! Sounds like a neat sample set for drums.
Download Forte Notation Software for free until Sept 14!

Reaper 5 is released.
This has been a bit, I meant to post it a while back but things were broken...

Reaper 5 has been released!

It support VST3, automated control grouping, video support has been upgraded substantially, FX parameter automation, and much more.

I new look and feel, looks a bit more modern, but over all works the same at a high level.

I have only had limited time to play with it's summer here so I enjoy that while I can, but, if you are a Reaper user, go get it, remember, their licenses are good for 2 major version releases, so if you bought v4, you are good up thru 5.99...and when I did the upgrade, the license moved through seamlessly, which was nice!
Who is using Microsoft Windows 10?
I just walked in this morning to Windows 10 on my workstation. Forgot I scheduled that upgrade to be done over night.

I like the fact the full screen preview mode for PDF and such filetypes is gone, it booted up to my Windows 8 display settings, background and everything. All my mission critical apps seem to be functioning just fine so far.

The upgrade seems pretty seamless...who else is running on 10 so far? What is the user community saying? Based on my first 15 minutes or so of use, I will already say it's vastly better than Windows 8.x.
CS-80V or Me80?
Hi all, I'm looking to buy a synth emulator to add to my setup for those great rich Vangelis style sounds. I was about to buy the CS-80V and I came across the Memorymoon Me80. Does anyone have experience with using them that can tell me which is the more preferable one? I'm not super concerned with ease of use, just sound quality and versatility. I'm using Sonar X1 on PC and would like to be able to use it in conjunction with that as well.
Help with my Zoom MRS1680
Pls my multitrack zoom mrs 1608 hard drive jst
crashed and I don't have the recovery CD, plss peeps any help on that to get it working again is appreciated
Ins file vr-09 v combo

Using a new Roland vr-09 V-combo keyboard and use Sonar x1 for home recording currently awith alesis, korg.
Called Cakewalk and Roland regarding instrument definitions update for the vr-09 so I can use it with Sonar and have hit a dead end. Does anyone in this forum have experience building an .ins file to import into Sonar that could be used for this keyboard. Any pointers or suggestions greatly appreciated!!
Mike G
DAWS Reaper Users - Please Help!
Deleted By RockWood610
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