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el musico
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  • On Jan 17 2017, 06:50 pm in Talkin' Smack
Hey DB!
Glad to see this site is still up and kicking, DB!

It really helped me along the way.

Just stopping by to say hello!
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  • On Sep 26 2016, 07:39 am in Talkin' Smack
Top 10 Reasons Why the Music Industry is Failing
Interesting read. It's a couple years old, but I stumbled on it, still seems mostly relevant.
Herb Utsmelz
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  • On Jun 13 2016, 03:17 pm in Talkin' Smack
Hahahaha I'm on the Internet!
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  • On May 23 2016, 09:08 am in Talkin' Smack
Ex-Megadeth drummer Nick Menza dies after collapsing on stage

So, he goes from playing arena's with one of the most popular heavy metal bands in the world to dying on stage at a place called "The Baked Potato"...I don't follow Megadeth much, what was the situation that led to his dismissal from Megadeth? I bet Mustaine runs a pretty tight ship...

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  • On May 23 2016, 08:55 am in Talkin' Smack
Ticketmaster Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

Interesting. I got one of these emails, so did my wife...turns out the "settlement" isn't much, but the story is interesting, especially the part about terms of service changing so disputes can't go to court again.

These ticketing organizations are such a scam...nickel and dime the prices up with silly little fees and charges for this and that...
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  • On May 04 2016, 11:45 am in Talkin' Smack
Hey db,

I remember a long time ago you were talking about Geocaching. I'm a complete noob and decided that this would be a great thing for the entire family to do. Are you still doing it? Do people hang out at the forum or are there other sites to check out?

Hope all is well!
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  • On Oct 24 2015, 07:12 am in Talkin' Smack
Just coming home from Google Conference
Some pretty cool stuff, great tech for education, for renewable energy, internet availability, and much more.

One topic may be of interest to some people here.

360 degree videos on YouTube...pretty neat stuff, and could be fun for bands to make demos and stuff. to check out some of them...and beyond that, just for yucks, check out for an inexpensive, yet effective, virtual reality option. Pretty fun stuff.
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  • On Oct 09 2015, 11:52 am in Talkin' Smack
So fun, first gig in ages
I have, over the years, played so many open mic nights and stuff...last night was a first actually gig in a long time.

So fun.

Now I remember why I play music. Chicks shaking their tail feathers, guys playing air guitar.

Gotta love it!
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  • On Sep 09 2015, 06:32 am in Talkin' Smack
Anyone listened to Book of Souls?
Iron Maiden's new release?

Good stuff! Maiden doing what Maiden does...great vox, galloping rhythms, even a few little surprises that says to me they took a few chances in songwriting.

There were a couple clunkers, melodies with little imagination, just going directly with the rhythm, kinda dull, but on the whole, I'd call the release a pretty good win for Maiden once again making themselves relevant.
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  • On Sep 02 2015, 07:37 pm in Talkin' Smack
Almost done with the room!
Maintenance came today to put hooks in the ceiling, so I have a cloud!;l=58cb7fc330

Last phase is to start (rather, finish) putting together the corner column chunks. Hopefully we'll feel motivated this weekend to get to work on those.
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  • On Sep 01 2015, 05:19 pm in Talkin' Smack
Finally got HRC's forum posting fixed up again!
A member alerted me to the fact that the forum can not be posted on, must have been broken for a while, the cause, I beleive, was in place for a while.

Either way, fixed up, sorry for the hassle, traffic seemed to carry on at normal rates, so that was odd...

So, anyway, rock on!
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  • On Jul 26 2015, 10:55 am in Talkin' Smack
It's been along time

Hello everyone.

It's been along time since I was last on here and I'm pleased to see its still going.
I'm not going to bore you all with anything, I just thought I'd pop by and say Hi.
I'm viewing on my phone so just getting used to navigating the site.
I'm gonna have a look through the forum later and hopefully recognise some old names.
I'll try & keep myself regularly active and chip in with things, if I find I am of some use to a particular topic.
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