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field recording in japan (tokyo/osaka)
Hello HRC,
I have been bumming around japan for the past year or so and would love to start recording the sounds of japan. I've been looking into a couple different set ups and I would like to get some of your recommendations.

Here's what I'm looking to do:
--Record things in public spaces (crowds, ticket machines, sounds of toilets, vending machines, children fighting, japanese people saying "so- so-so-so-so" name it I want to record it).
--record in stereo

What I want:
-- a portable recorder.
-- I want a solid state recorder. SD cards are cheap here. I can pick up a 2 gig card for 30 bucks. but i can compromise on this.
-- a decent mic all around mic, and a pair of bi aural stealth mics (people look at you weird when you have a mic out on the train).

Important things to know:
--my budget is about 500 to 600 dollars.
--i realize that i will probably only be able to buy one mic initially

What i really care about:
--the proper recording device/ mic combination. God knows I don't want to buy some three hundred dollar mic that I can't use with my recorder without some 250 dollar accessory. or something that will blow up if if i cross the streams.

What i don't care about:
--studio recording. i won't being doing any. i don't want a setup that has be bolted down and linked up to a laptop and cray computer to work. (though i will use my computer to store my library).

Lastly, if anyone who reads this lives in the Tokyo area and has equipment I'd love to take a look. I just want to look and see what someone else is using. I might want to touch it too..but I promise not to do any harm.

Thanks, I hope someone can help me.

Your friend in japan,

MARANTZ PMD 660 - screen not showing...

our field reporter uses the marantz pmd 660, and this morning he came to me with the problem that his LED display screen on the unit is not showing up. its completly blank.

i have tried both just using batteries.. and just using the power connection and neither one gives me a result.

when i press the light button, the screen lights up but there is still no LCD display. pressing any of the other buttons "menu", etc etc.. also warrants no response.

you can press play and hear the tracks playing and such, but without being able to see track numbers and timecode in the display its a worthless process to us....

any tips, suggestions, or other outlets to search for an answer would be greatly appreciated.
MIDI Controlled piano's in your area?
Hey guys,

I have a couple piano parts I'm working on that I can play, technically...but I need to practice to pull them off live, I don't have time for that right now, and I don't want to mess with the hassle of punching in and matching my performance. I've recorded/automated midi tracks instead, and I'd like to run them through a midi controlled real piano.

I found a nice MIDI controlled concert grand piano that I'm going to use for one of the songs, but I could really use something a little more rock and roll for the other song. It's about 4:30 in length. Know anywhere I might find something like that? Maybe an upright or a spinet or something? I wish my spinet was midi controlled...maybe I can work that into my hobby list some day.
Field Mic Recommendations?
I will be travelling to Brazil for an ethnomusicology project and wanted recommendations on field recording mics. For the most part I will be recording music involving alot of drums, singing etc. I will also be recording interviews. Can anyone recommend any good field mics for this purpose? I am willing to spend up to $1K, I am aiming for high quality recordings (close to it at this price).

I am looking for something that can withstand rugged travel, lightweight, and inconspicuous (Brazil has a high crime rate and don't want to be a target lugging expensive audio equipment).

I will be using an old Sony DAT TCD-D8. I hear DATS are becoming obsolete. Is that true? If so, what sort of equipment are they using now?

Your response is greatly appreciated.
wanting to license sound effects
Hi everyone,

I work for a company that is looking to license various sound effects files. We'll essentially then be selling these as loops (for use with our own software), so we can't simply buy a sound effects CD and use that. So, we're looking for someone who has created their own library of sound effects who is willing to license them to us. We're looking for a non-exclusive buyout, which means that we would have the rights to use the sounds in whatever way we see fit, but the person who licensed them to us would also have full rights to them, and could sell them him/herself, or license them to someone else.

One thing that also might make this a bit more difficult is that we're looking for clips that are a minimum of 30 seconds (preferably longer, 1-3 minutes). For example, if one of the files was a recording of a crackling fire, we wouldn't want to hear the exact same crackle and pop every 5 seconds.

Here are some of the types of sounds that we'd like to license:

Whale song
Crackling fire
Ocean sounds
Jungle sounds
A variety of bird songs
Wind, rain

If anyone is able to provide this for us, please email me at Please put "sound effects" in the subject field (or the email will likely be automatically deleted).

thanks for your time!
lexicon omega soundcard essues
hi to every one
i have one problem that keep killing me
hope anyone can help me
for a while i notice i cant update to a newer sound card
when ever i update to a newer soundcard in this case
lexicon omega 2.7 i dont cant hear anything that was recorded
i dont know if its an essue with window 7
and when i use the old sound card from lexicon i dont hear no sound when i reduce the buffer size

this is driving me nuts
any help forth coming would be wellcome
thank you
Handheld digital recording device opinions.
So, I am looking for a decent handheld recording device...just for catching practices to try to catch those occasional magic moments and give ourselves some takes to practice along with at home on our own.

Does anyone else do this, if so, what devices are you using?

The features I am wanting are:

- recording to a common compressed format, such as mp3
- easy interfacing with computers to drag files back and forth
- stereo at least

nice to haves would be:

- a ton of memory, or better yet, additional flash card slot
- in addition to stereo mics, maybe an RCA line in...

I see quite a few at various pawn shops in the area, even see an 8 track tascam device for a little over $100...but while it's a great price, seems a bit overkill.

Any thoughts that could help? Of course, the less expensive the better since this isn't for production...
New feild recording rig
Hey all,

Picked up a Zoom H4N for recording live performances and other field recording. This is a 4 track recorder so with pre's so I added my K-micro's for a very versatile system.

Sounds Captured
Sounds Captured
I have been recording sounds for some time now and just thought it'd be a good idea to share some of my field recordings -

I'd also be interested in listening to other people's recordings, so feel free to share your sounds/links etc.
Advice/Help needed on editing files
Hi there

This past week I've been out recording the sounds of planes and trains for a University project I'm undertaking. I have a lot of files and now I'm at the stage where I need to edit them. These files will be used to firstly make a sound collage and secondly to be put onto DVD for my lecturer to have a look at.

My main DAW software I use is Logic and it came with a programme called Wave Burner. Would this software be okay in editing my files? If not then what would you recommend? I'm on a Mac.

Also, what kind of editing shall I do to these files? Just basic EQ and fade ins/outs?

I've never done this type of editing before with my own field recordings so any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks!
Studio recording problems
What causes a music recording to sound good on the recording studio speakers and really bad on anything else?

How do I remedy this?
Anyone know what this drum sample is?
Found this song

but dunno the drum break used. Anyone know???
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