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cant rear music
hi my name is dave.i need a lil help i recored with adobe audition 1.5 and when i load a beat in multi track i cant hear nothing but stager but when i play it in edit view it plays and i can hear the anyone know why is that?
I need a professional ear's help (with drum miking)...
Im new to recording. I've tried it various times, and I'm trying again. This time, though, I'm really trying to learn as much as I can and get a great sound (or at least good). I'm also a drummer, and I'd like to get some good recordings of my drums. I bought an 8-channel preamp (SM Pro Audio PR8 MK2), and I have an m-audio delta 10-10 on its way so that I can record 8 tracks all at the same time. I started messing around with the preamp today to see how some of my drums sound. I have a drum mic set, the Audix Fusion 7 drum mic set that comes with 3 f10 mics, one f12, one f14 for the bass drum, and two f15s for the overheads.

My concern right now is just with the bass drum (since thats all i've tried so far). Let me just explain quickly how I set it up, and then I'll let you hear a small sample of what I recorded. I set the f14 up using a mini mic stand designed for bass drum mics, and had it outside of the bass drum angled straight towards beaters on the other side. I then plugged it into my preamp where i put the gain on just some level where i thought it wouldn't clip (which it didnt). I plugged a line in from my sound card into the preamp's +4 dB output (Once the delta 10-10 comes i'm gonna plug each channel straight into that). Then I opened up cubase, recorded it straight with that and didn't add any extra effects or EQs or anything. Here is the file:
(let me know if that doesnt work for some reason).

Here are my concerns: it pretty much sounds like crap, no? I have a good drum set (a pearl masters birch), and the mics are pretty good...right? The bass sounds muffled and lifeless. It doesnt have that crazy punch like other recordings have. I'm pretty new to all of this, so all i would like is some professional advice. Anything you have to say, or things to point out that I'm doing wrong, or criticism on my equipment. Anything to let me know what would give me a better sound and what i should be doing. Thank you so much to anyone who actually reads through this. I'll stop talking now and start letting you type.

Strange hum problem
I am getting hum from only three of my guitars record, but only when the mic is activated to record. It only happens with three of my twelve guitars, strangely, on with two of my my three humbucker guitars and to a lesser extent with a P-90 guitar. My other humbucker guitar and my single coil guitars are dead quiet, as are these three until the mic is activated. It doesn't seem to be the guitars themselves as I has checked them by turning up the volume and gain on the amps and they are quiet. This hum only begins when I activate a mic. It does stop when I touch the bridge or strings on them. But, as I said, without the mic on they are as quiet as can be.

I only play clean and use no pedals and record and play at low volume. I am using a Tascam DP-0008 Portastudio and I have tried using a Shure SM-57, a made in the USA Peavey dynamic and have also tried a condenser mic with the Tascam's phantom power. Get the hum from just those three guitars with any of them. I have changed guitar cords, mic cords and still get it, but only on those three guitars. I am stumped by this. If I had hair I would have pulled it out by now.

Any suggestions?
Online composition?
Hi All,
My friend is a good lyricist but is not so popular. I have decided to gift a collection of his lyrics composed on his birthday gift next month. I have searched a lot and read several reviews to find the best of mixing & mastering services. I could find one such service from Sundown Sessions in Toronto. But they are having online services. Is it good to opt for an online composition and will it be up to the mark?
Can someone help me with my ZOOM MRS-1608 Please?
Hi to all!!
My name is Manuel, I'm 26 and I'm an italian organist.
I've bought recently a Zoom MRS-1608, but I have used it for very little time, because the internal HD of 40 GB has broken out.. when I turn the power on, I don't feel the hard drive powering (such as could be for exemple for a pc hard disk in normal condition).. and indeed the message I read on the LCD after scanning all devices is "Int HDD Error" (a message that no figures in the owner's manual). So.. I can't restore the folders and the files because:
1. hard drive has broken
2. I've not the restore ZOOM CD

I've tried to contact the local zoom distributor, but offices will remain closed untill 25 of august!??!
So.. I ask to anyone could help me: it's possible to restore the default configuration of folders and files in an empty hard drive for pc?!? If yes, could someone, pleasly, make a copy of his ZOOM CD and send it to me at my email address (!?
Or in other way.. if no one has this CD, or if it's not possible to re-configurate a new hard drive with the setting, folders and files of the hard drive in use of MRS-1608 model, could someone make a copy of his hard drive.. and send it to me by mail?!?

I thank all of you so much for the courtesy!!!
need opinions!!!
does any1 have any opinion on which is the easiest to use digital recorders..i ordered a zoom mrs 1608 and im stumped.... r fostex or any other brands more user friendly for a 40 yr old who has no computer degree
Adobe Audition 3 stops recording when i click on another window
adobe Audition. 3 stops recording when i click on another window
I went into a music shop today...
I wanted to upgrade my gear - find out what's new, what gear people are using and stuff.

I found out that I am mega out of touch.

I currently use a Line6 TonePort with Gearbox, a Korg Pandora and REAPER.

Apparently REAPER is still good.

Line6 haven't replaced the TonePort; apparently there's nothing like it any more.. the guy looked at me like I had two heads when I asked him what the latest version of the Korg Pandora was. They said people now use their Android or iPhones now as pre-amps. Is this true? What apps do you use? How do you stick it all together with headphones and cabling etc?


acoustic rain
insert cable
I want to use an insert cable to monitor effects while recording. I am researching effects units (Lexicon MX200, TC Electronics M-350, and the like); none of which have sends and returns. I haven't set up like this in a long time so I may be missing an important component (a mixer?). Can I monitor effects while recording vocals with one of these units and an insert cable? If I'm totally wrong, please steer me in the right direction. Thank you.
Vocal sound
Thanks for all your help so far.

I'm getting a good clean signal from my vocal booth, solid and no strange tone peaks.

Any tips on what type of effects and to use on 'em? I don't know what type of delay and reverb to use mostly... when I put em on it sounds a bit brittle to me.

Hey all...i am currently building a basement project studio...and i have one big question that google couldnt answer. I am building a small iso booth primarily for vox dubs and possibly guitar cab iso...the room wont be soundproof because i dont have that kind of money but i will try to make it as much so as possible. My question is...there is an AC cable going right thru the top of it in the studs...i can move it a bit...but i was toying with the idea of a recessed light in there. In the past i have had issues with microphones sounding thin if placed too close to an overhead junction box. Is that something i should consider with a jbox or recessed can overhead? Or was it perhaps a faulty jbox in my previous experience?.
That blasted Metronome! How do you guys record bands?
Curious as to how most of you record bands and have all of them keep the timing.

Here's my scenario. With my studio being only one room and having only 8 simultaneous mic inputs (all used up by my drums), there's no way for me to record drums WHILE having the guitar player play at the same time (DI).

So what I usually do is have them 'scratch track' as best they can to a metronome. This take A LOT of time, believe it or not, because they're used to playing along with the drums... and the lack of drums tends to throw them off more than you can imagine. Stupid death metal.. why's it gotta be so complicated?

Anyway.. back on point. Then, I record drums to the scratch track (with metronome as well) only to learn that we either forgot a part, or left a verse too short or whatever the case may be. So the scratch track process starts all over again.

Now... I could try to get around this nuance by playing drums (but not recording) whilst they record the scratch track, but my ability to keep with the metronome while trying to listen to the guitar player at the same time is even more impossible, especially when the songs change time/tempos.

So this leads to the question: What process do you guys use to record in perfect timing... especially if the metronome needs to be adjusted say from a 1/4 to a 3/4 during parts of the song? Are the bands you record just that well prepared or do you find yourself in similar scenarios?

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