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  • On Feb 16 2017, 07:59 am in Gear Gab
Got me a Focusrite Scarlett recently
So, last year, I was trying to mix some music on my new set up, and my trust Delta 66 interface that I've had for over a decade, started distorting in the output for the left channel. I was sad. So, after experimenting with some techniques to try and fix the problem, and promptly failing all of them, I eventually bit the bullet and bought myself one of these for Christmas:

It looks pretty sweet in my setup. But in the end, it turns out I'm pretty much just using it for it's outputs. It has 2 headphone outputs which is nice. But the routing, for as many inputs/outputs as it has is weaksauce. I couldn't do half the things I thought I might be able to do. And the mic pres which they sing so highly about are ok. Probably for most home studios they're great, but I already have a stand alone pre that sounds really nice.

But, of course I ran some tests with various input routing setups, and even if I use my standalone pre, it sounds best (cleanest) if I continue to use the inputs on my Delta 66 and don't put it through the Focusrite at all. It's kind of expensive just being used as an output only sound card with some built in headphone amps. But like I said, it looks fresh.

But I got a good deal on a used one (still 2nd gen), so hey, I can't complain too much. Ha! Now I just need to find the time to record some more stuff. Especially since I'm taking this singing/voice class at the local community college, so theoretically I should sound better!
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  • On Nov 18 2016, 01:00 pm in Gear Gab
Cool video about gain structure for bass guitar players

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  • On Oct 01 2016, 10:36 am in Gear Gab
Battery / electric keyboard combo amp?

I'm looking for the amp mentioned in the title.

One person suggested a Roland kc110.

Any other suggestions? Comments on the Roland?


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  • On Jun 17 2016, 07:52 am in Gear Gab
Surprising what a small PA can do if used right!
I wanted to see what my bands little practice PA could do, so I ran sound for a friends band in a small outdoor venue under a bandshell.

Pretty basic set up, two powered FOW speakers on tripods, two unpowered floor wedges and a couple unpowered FOH speakers.

Put the powered on the tripods, the wedges front stage and the unpowered FOH sidewashing for drummer monitoring...the PA was used to mix the vocals in with the instrument amps (in my band we also run the keys thru it, and kick if we need to).

I was really quite surprised how far the sound went, sounding good, and how well the levels held, the vocals were loud and present and kept up with some pretty decent instrument amps and loud drums.

Just goes to show, ya don't need massive gear sometimes to pull of fun littler gigs...I've seen bands pull in 18" subs, crossovers and everything else for that size of show at times...seems wasteful.
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  • On Jun 07 2016, 03:02 pm in Gear Gab
My new MarkBass head and random cabinet
I have yet to find the final speaker cab, but right now the MarkBass head is rockin' it thru 2 10" subwoofers I had laying around...surprisingly good sound out of it, and the MarkBass kills it! Played a couple pretty decent sized venues with it and the direct out is clean, stage sound from the amp is strong...good stuff!

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  • On May 16 2016, 07:59 pm in Gear Gab
Every now and then you get lucky with a gear purchase!
Many months ago I went to a thrift store and found a pair of floor wedge monitors, some 12" w/horn, Sonic...marked cheap...I tested them, woofer didn't work on one, horn didn't work on the other and the cabinet covering was torn at some corners and icky with years of cigarette smoke sludge and stink...they marked them down even further...I took home the pair for $13!

I got home, pulled out the speakers, found wires disconnected...10 minutes with a soldering iron and wire crimper, and about 20 minutes with a hard scrubbing carpet cleaner and spray adhesive and boom, I have a working pair of stage monitors.

A few weeks back we tried them in the practice space and they worked great, sounded brighter and louder than the speakers we had...last weekend they did their first gig with us and they were great!

$13, less than an hour of elbow grease, and I have a pair of totally decent stage monitors.

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  • On Jan 08 2016, 09:31 am in Gear Gab
Looking into MarkBass Combos
So, I am looking to upgrade to bass amp, looking at a few kickback combo MarkBass amps.

Anyone have any experience with such amps? I have seen many, many head/speaker/stack amps, and they are awesome, just wondering, if, it high power situations, the combos perform at the same level.
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  • On Oct 22 2015, 02:51 pm in Gear Gab
New recording gig with questions
Hey everyone!

I have taken on a new job as IT Director at a private catholic school. Part of the perks to my job is access to a bunch of gear and talent.

There are some complications however. Due to job relocation, my entire studio was left behind. I will be bringing all of my gear out eventually but for now it is over 1000 miles away. I am looking at getting some new gear that will a) fill an immediate need and b) will integrate well into my existing gear when I finally get it all here. I have nothing with me but an acoustic and electric guitar and my studio PC (no audio interface).

The main gear that I have to work with currently is
1) Allen & Heath GL2400

2) Soundcraft Spirit M12

3) Yorkville Power Max 22

Now then, for mic's I only have a couple of 58's and some Peavey pencil condensors to work with. I will be recording a variety of instruments including acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, drums, violin.....actually pretty much everything at some point as well as solo and choir vocals.

For my first purchase I only have about $300 to work with. I was thinking of purchasing this first

Here is what I'm thinking. I could use the Scarlett 2i2 to interface with all three of the above boards. The Scarlett 2i2 would be connected to a dedicated laptop running Reaper. I would use this for tracking only. I would also use the Reaper laptop and 2i2 for stand-alone tracking.

For mixing I would dump the WAV files from my Reaper laptop into my Sonar PC. I would then use the Scarlett 2i2 and Headphones to mix with.

Now then for the questions. Has anyone used this Scarlett Studio pack before? I'm reasonably confident that the Scarlett 2i2 would work great (looking for feedback here as well). My concern is more with the mic and headphones. Would it be better to purchase these 3 products separately? Is there a better value audio interface out there? I already have Audio Technica M50's back at home as well as several other mic's and another set of M50's would put me way over budget.

My tracking studio at home is a Roland V-Studio VS-2400 with an 8 track add-on for a total of 16 tracks.,85/VS-2400CD_DR-2a5e1dc56718f36945245eb18f8d00d3.jpg

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  • On Jul 29 2015, 08:18 am in Gear Gab
Dealing with the next wireless mic apocolypse
I run sound at a church and do some events that use a couple wireless mics all in the 500mhz and 600mhz frequency bands. We dodged the previous auction but the 600mhz band is the one we use with our Audio Technica ATW-somethingsomething wireless mics.

I was wondering what the future of wireless mics looks like? Are we going to some sort of local network audio? How reliable are those? ...and what are some good devices/brands? Or other solutions?

My concern with the 2.4ghz mics is that it apparently only allows for 80 something-ish networks, which sounds great... but that frequency range includes wifi and bluetooth which will frequency hop.
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  • On Jun 03 2015, 08:25 pm in Gear Gab
What the hell kind of pawn shop charges new prices for used gear?
I've been looking for ages for a used Gene Simmons Axe bass to pop up on the market...not cuz it's amazing playing or it's sound (though they do sound great) but just cuz it's cool, and it'd be, at the very least, a cool item in Rock Room (tm).

Today I find one, sounds great, plays OK, but needs a set up...pots are loose and one noisy, but easily fixable...and no gig bag...and they want the same money for it that it costs new, with a gig bag...WTH?

Still, I really want it!
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  • On Jun 03 2015, 06:50 pm in Gear Gab
Adding voltage to an amp that has not been used for a while.
It's my understanding that if you have an amp especially (tube amp) that if they have not been used for an extended period of time voltage needs to be added slowly. I have several amps that I intend to put on a schedule for the future. But what is the process of energizing them if it has not been done for a long period of time? I have a 1964 fender tremolux fresh out of the shop to support this theory.
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  • On Apr 17 2015, 09:24 am in Gear Gab
at2035 and at2050
hey guys i'm brand new to home recording. i've got a tascam dp32sd multi track recorder a mackie profx 22 that came with traction 4.0 software.a bunch of sm 57's a beta 58 from my days as a touring drummer..any way i want to get an at 2035 and an at 2050 but are they the same mic with the 2050 being multi pattern the only difference
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