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About Createur

Just a guy trying to do what he loves with an incredibly restrictive budget. That is mostly OK with me because I tend to like the on the fly/raw sound more, at the moment at least. Guitar is my main instrument which i have been playing for about 10 years.

My Studio

relevant Computer specs

- 2gb ddr400 ram
- soundblaster live digital 5.1 sound card
- 4gb hd 7200 rpm, 80 gb hard drive 7200 rpm
- cambridge soundworks speakers+ woofer

Rig specs(if you can call it a rig)

- Behringer Eurotrack ub 1202 mixer
- behringer gx210 amp
- Korg ax1 guitar effects pedal (usable for other instruments/voice as well)
- 3 Nady sp-5 mics
- couple more random mics i cant find at the moment, all low end.
- squier electric guitar, couple acoustic guitars
- Yamaha psr-220 keyboard
- Various other instruments including but not limited to harmonicas, flutes, mandolin, acoustic drum, noisemakers of various kinds
- Creative Zen: M 30gb Media player(important because it has a mic and I have used it to record.

Software used/experience
- Took a pro tools class in college that was rushed(half the reason im here)
- I have mainly used melody assistant in the past because it allowed me to enter notes in directly when I was younger and had even less equipment than now. I still use it to record one track at a time purely because of its ease/familiarity. But it has limited versatility. This is still the one i use as a main.
- Have experimented with soundforge and cakewalk and did not like them much at the time(a couple years ago)
- Cubase SX. Have only just begun to use this and it looks promising.

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