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About DungBeatle

My name is Bob. Played piano since I was in 3rd grade. Attended college as a music major but dropped out. I love music theory. I work at the University of Idaho where I'm a computer programmer. I'm into 3d using POVRay and any other free software I can find. My styles range from classical to avante garde, light rock, some folk and country, even a little blues. But not really very good at any of them...

My Studio

Kurzweil K2500RS
Alesis QSR
Roland GS64
Yamaha P80
Allen & Heath Mix Wiz20
Lexicon MPX-500
Manley Tube Mic Pre
Audio Technica 4047/SV
Bunch of low end mics
3 Computers
Samplitude 2496
Ovation (1976)
Washburn acoustic bass
Ibanez Electric
Boss VF-1

Contact Info

Email: dungbeatle@moscow.com