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About mike willey

Born and raised in Western New York State. Was guitarist and lead vocalist in a late 70's rock band. First became interested in multi-tracking while out in Phoenix in the eighties (experimenting with two cassette players) Built my current studio in my basement (10X10 "room within a room" type deal) in 2001. Started buying gear a year later. (Not alot of time on my hands to dedicate to it.) Mostly acoustic folk ballad type stuff. Some much more lively.

My Studio

Fostex VF160CDR 16 trk, Behringer autocom pro 1400 compressor, Behringer DSP2024P effects processor, Behringer FBQ3102 ultragraph EQ, Behringer Ultragain MIC200 preamp, Antares Vocal Producer, Behringer V-Amp2, Alesis Point Seven monitors, AT3035 condenser mic, 2 MXL 603s condenser mics, Alesis midiverb II, Alesis MMT-8 midi recorder, Alesis SR-16 drum machine, Yamaha SO8 synth, Roland U-20 synth, Martin D16-RGT six string, Seagull S6-cedar six string, Satin Standard Stratocaster, ATH-M40fs headphones.

Contact Info

Email: mwilley57@yahoo.com