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About TallChap

Just hit 42, and have been playing since I was 13-ish. Mostly a bass player, but dabble with everything else. Fed up with the politics inherent to bands (don't like guitar players girlfriend, not happy with singer's haircut, drummer's drinking habits etc.), so have built a small, humble home studio to do my thing (and smoke cigars away from the missus and kids).

My Studio

3.0 GHz, P4 HT, 1 Gig RAM, E-MU PCI 0404 Soundcard, Cubase, VST's up the ying.

Boss BR532
Behringer Mixer MX802U
Rack parametric Peavey PE-4
Digitech DSP-128
Ibanez UB-405 Multi-effects (vintage, with the Maxxon effects in a rack mount)
ART Bass Command Center (very v. cool)
Tech-21 Bass DI
Tech-21 Tri-AC
Behringer MIC100 preamp
MXL 990
MXL 991 (yum)
Shure SM-58
Shure SM-57
Roland D-10
Digitech RP-250
Kawai KM-60 Keyboard Amp Combo
Epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amp
Smokey (Winstons...) amp (try it through an 8" speaker)
Various bass amps (combos, 4x10, Pwr amps etc.)
Access to other amps, mics.

Custom Jazz bass
Washburn B-20 bass (converted to fretless)
JB Player Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar (kinda Jumbo with a Venetian cutaway style)
Fender acoustic guitar (dreadnaught)
Ibanez acoustic guitar (also a dreadnaught, but darker sound)
Squire Strat (Oh, how I love this guitar. Plays great)
Schecter Omen-6
Squier Telecaster
Ovation balladeer converted to 4-course octave mandolin/Irish Bouzouki (tuned G,D,A,D)
A-style Mandolin

On order: Custom "Michael Scott Haney" acoustic guitar.

I want, I want, I want, I want:
Event Monitors
Neve pre
A Gibson ES-350
A Z-Vexx NanoAmp
An upright bass
Angela Bassett

The question to the "self appointed title" is: What is worn under a kilt?