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Member Profile - 05/28/2004

About Jason H.

Hiatus over!

I am a thirty-something-old married father of one intelligent son. I started dabbling with recording long before I was married or had a child. But those life changes forced me to step away, however the pilot light never went out.

Now that life has calmed down and my son is old enough to understand the concept of sound and that one can "document" it, I plan to include him in me rebirth of sound production.

I am a self-employed architectural drafter by day. I also assist my wife from time to time with the photography biz we run.

My Studio

HP Pavilion DV7, 500G, 4GB RAM, AMD Duo,
Focusrite Saffire USB 6
Cubase 6
M-Audio Keystation 61 MIDI Controller
Korg EM-1 & ER-1
M-Audio BX8's
Oktava MK319 Condenser
1982 Aeolian Sting II Studio Upright Player Piano
ESP Viper 50 Elec. Guitar
ESP KH-203 Elec. Guitar
Marshall Half Stack
Line 6 PODxt Live
Behringer V-Amp.

Contact Info

Email: janre.jason@gmail.com