Albertv05 - Dub head
Member Profile - 05/03/2004

About Albertv05

I am the ex-guitar player for the ska/rocksteady/reggae band Amy Ryan and The Operatives out of Upstate New York & now play guitar/organ/mixology in the dub-reggae group, The Directive. I am an Architect during the day, focusing on hospital and healthcare design. When not working or making music I am also an avid homebrewer.

My Studio

1972 Epiphone Casio w/Bigsby
1964 Hofner "Beatle" Bass
1999 Ibanez Proformance Acoustic/Electric Guitar
1996 Fender Duo-Sonic
2003 Peavy Classic 30 amp
circa 1970's Hammond T-582c
circa 1970's Farfisa VIP 370
mid-70's Ampeg SVT Bass head and B-25 cab
Midiman Radium 61 Keyboard with NI's B4 & Pro 53
Premier 90 Spring Reverb Unit (circa 1970's)
Digitech Digital Delay
Standard Cry-baby wah
Hohner 32 key melodica

P4 3.0 GHz w/ 800 FSB & 1meg cashe
1 gig DDR2 Ram
160 gig Hard drive
M-Audio Audiophile 2496
M-Audio Bx5 monitors
Behringer 1202
MXL 990
Vintage Shure "Work Horse" mic (pre-SM57)
Dual 17" monitors
Cubase 2.0 SX
Cakewalk Project 5 v2

Contact Info