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Here a song thats been done for 1 1/2 years that I had uploaded to SC and then yanked the next day because I felt it sounded horrible. So... I've redone the vocals, added "real" drums and did a bit more lead work on it. This song was written at the same time as "Just the Girl for Me" (around 1981).

I'd appreciate any comments any one has. Hopefully this time around it sounds better.

Song: What Does It Get Me



Download (192):

Here's a link if SC doesn't work:

Just right click and Save As...

Thanks much,


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Hold 'Em Czar
Since: Dec 30, 2004

Jul 28, 2005 03:18 pm

bah....soundclick isn't liking my computer today!!! this is the second one i've tried...will get back after some investagation.

Since: Jul 02, 2003

Jul 28, 2005 03:49 pm

Thanks for trying WYD! Soundclick is a bit flakey these days. I'd upload it here but I'm outta space and would have to delete one, though I don't guess that would realy be such a bad thing. LOL If you have trouble the next time you try, I'll upload it here. :)

Edit: It appears SC is down right now, hopefully it'll be back up soon. :/ I've added a link to my website as well. :)


Aural Enthusiast
Since: Jul 31, 2005

Aug 01, 2005 03:39 pm

I just found HRC yesterday, and have been trying to check it all out. One of the first songs I listened to was "Are You Gonna Be Around" and I loved it. So I started checking out all things "olddog" and found you are very musical with a good sense of pop. This one is no exception.


Since: Jan 12, 2004

Aug 01, 2005 03:51 pm

Hey Dan

This kicks *** man!!! And I mean KICKS ***!

Love the intro, drums and VOCALS! Man, I also loved Are You Gonna Be Around but THIS is better...bigtime.

Signature SG soundin geetar, intro kicks *** and sets the scene. The whole tone of the guitar sounds good to me. The wee solo over the "what does it get..>" sounds VERY cool too.

Drums are sounding spot on, nice fills and fits the song very well.

The bass, is there when ye want it - nice n low and sitting in the perfect spot in the mix. A good mix for sure.

Solo - nice work Dan - one of yer best man. Indeed, a great song.

Reminds me a little of Van Halen "When It's Love" (And I LOVED that song too)...a smacker of a song man...aye, I shall be puttin that to the top of ma list of OldDog favs!!

TOP SONG MAN...double thumbs up fi me!!


Since: Jul 02, 2003

Aug 01, 2005 04:18 pm

cymbalchimp, first welcome to HRC, very glad to have you here! Thanks very much for the kind words and the listens I really appreciate it!

If you have some music posted I'd love to hear it, just give me a link. :)


Since: Jul 02, 2003

Aug 01, 2005 04:20 pm

Hey coco, thanks much my man, you made my day for sure! :) I've messed around with this song off and on for over a year, and just finally got it to the point I thought it *might* be ready for release.

Thanks again!


Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Sep 18, 2005 09:10 pm

OD, another one I'm glad I didnt miss. I agree with all Coco said. I hear a bit of Eddy Money flavor in there. Very 80's for sure. I love it, dripping with reverb and such. Very bright sounding, vibrant may be a better word. I love the vocals for sure. The guitars are a treat as well.

And ya, I know I'm late getting here, but better late then never. Another one for the car I think.

Since: Jul 23, 2005

Sep 18, 2005 09:37 pm


I'm not really into this style of music but this sort of music is very popular in my area so I hear lots of it and I have to say that your song is quite good.

Did you really record this with a SB Audigy 2? It's amazingly quiet if that's what you are actually using :)

Great guitar sound, nice vocals for the genre. Good work.

Since: Jul 02, 2003

Sep 18, 2005 11:44 pm

Thanks once again Noize, I really appreciate your listening and comments late or not :D


Since: Jul 02, 2003

Sep 18, 2005 11:45 pm

Thanks brock, and yep all of my songs are recorded on an SB Audigy 2. :)


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