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About cymbalchimp

I play many styles of music from bluegrass to progressive. Most of my projects have been blues oriented rock. Sometimes I play with others, but most of the time I'm recording, and playing all instruments myself. I'm a one legged analog guy trying to get along in a digital world.

My Studio

My home studio is based around a Boss BR1180CD. If I had it to do over again, I would probably be computer based instead, but the "all in one" studio works okay for now. I'm on a fixed income and I tend to cut corners on outboard equipment to be able to do more, so I own two Behringer mixers, a Behringer Bass V-AMP Pro, a Line 6 POD XT, an Alesis SR-16 drum machine, Behringer Truth 2031A monitors, and a Behringer midi control floorboard.

For mics, I have an SM57, a Behringer B-1, and a Behringer B-5.

Guitars: USA Strat Texas Special, Tele '69 Thinline re-issue, Martin D-15, Ibanez Artcore AF-85, and a cheeeezy lap steel.
Basses: Ibanez SRX700, Ibanez acoustic with a fishman set-up, and a 1/2 size Romanian upright.
Keyboard: Alesis QS6.2 Banjo: Harmony "Roy Smeck" ca. 1963

Not the greatest set-up, but it keeps me busy.

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