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Howdy, I use Guitartrack Pro by Cakewalk and have Audiophile 24/96 sound card. I just recently recorded and finished a project in 24 bit audio. The Problem is I cant find any product that can covert this song from wave form to MP3 because its 24 bit. When I change audio format to 16 bit the guitars become distorted and crackley. Any help would be appreciated. Thats Dave M...AkA. Prisoner One

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jimmie neutron
Since: Feb 14, 2005

Jun 14, 2005 06:30 am

Is there an "Export" in Cakewalk, to where you record at 24 bit, but export and have it "dither down" to 16? If that doesn't work, try Audacity, a "freeware" audio editor.It has an export on it and does a decent job of the dithering. It also does mp3 directly, if you've got Lame on your computer. Also, do a search on here concerning "dithering". Several in-depth discussions. Very enlightening.

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