Prisoner One
Member Profile - 01/24/2005

About Prisoner One

Name: Prisoner One
Location: Northern California
Instruments: Lead, Rhythm, Accoustic, 12 string guitars, bass,
Keyboards, Songwriter, Composer
Influences: Tony Iommi, Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Ritchie
Bands: Blackbeard, Moria, Shadowfax
Experience: Played various clubs, Gazzaris hollyweird, battle of
the band events, parties, garages, gutters and back alleys.
Musical Interests: Underground Metal, Sabbath, Maiden, Iced
Earth, Motorhead. Spanish Flamenco guitar, Honest, emotional
and powerful metal music.
Other Interests: Thought provoking poems, lyrics and
inspirational words. Mysterious art, Ancient History, Prophesy,
Dislikes: American idol, fake corporate and commercial trends.
Backstabber's, arrogant judgemental big hair posers, egotistical
people whose fat heads are bursting with themselves.
Musical direction: currently working on a project that has a
classic heavy metal, hard rock sound and groove. I will offer on when complete. Some scratch samples available in The
Crypt and The Citadel. Sometimes when writing and creating songs and projects,
they take on a life of their own and direct us to follow.

My Studio

Guitars: Jackson King V; Kramer Randy Rhoads Model; Dean 12 String Accoustic; Yamaha 6 String Accoustic; Peavey 5 String Grind Bass.
Amps: Marshall 100 watt JCM 200 with a 50 watt Crate stealth ran to 2 marshall 4by12 Cabs
Effects: Boss ME 50 multi effects pedal, Korg Rack Mount digi delay, Cry Baby Wah, Art TPS 2 Pre-Amp
Recording: Compaq Presario(120 GB, 2.5 GHZ)with M-Audio 24/96 soundcard,Guitar Tracks Pro, using Hal Lenards, Smart Loops and Beta Monkey Drum loops, Recording Bass Direct through Preamp to Soundcard, Guitar amps mic'd using mXL 900 and shure 58 Mics, through Yamaha MG 10/2 Mixing Board. Keyboards-CtK-330

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