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Hey guys,

I'm using cubasis vst 3 at the moment, and i'm figuring it all out, i'm liking what it does. I know it's not the best in it's class, but it does the job.

Basically, i'm just wondering, is there any better software out there within a similar price bracket? (0-100).

I've heard of Cakewalk Music Creator 2003, and various others, but i don't know enough about them.

Another concern i have with getting Cakewalk MC 2003 is that surely it will be superceded pretty soon.

We're approaching the end of 2004, surely a new version must be on the horizon.

So do i wait and get 2003 cheap once the new version comes out, or do i just get the new version?

Or is there any other software which you would recommend over cubasis and cakelwalk?

Thanks in advance.


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Since: Apr 03, 2002

Dec 09, 2004 06:44 am

You can get a FREE copy of tracktion during a limited time promo from my.mackie.com/tracktionpromo.asp which is typically an $80 USD app. I reviewed it back in April www.homerecordingconnecti...tory&id=362

There is also MultitrackStudio which is good www.multitrackstudio.com

there are many others...Cakewalk has cheaper solutions than Sonar, it all depends what you do, do you use MIDI? How many tracks do you need in your biggest song?

Though I have to say, I have used them all, and I always gravitate back toward Cakewalk.

Pinnipedal Czar (: 3=
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Dec 09, 2004 07:10 am

About the Cakewalks...

Is there a difference to how the different aps run ? (Music Maker, Home Studio, Guitar Tracks Pro 3, Sonar)

I understand that they're different programs, but I read somewhere that the Guitar Tracks Pro 3 uses the same engine as Sonar... but what does that translate into ? Is it an audible difference ?

...bringing sexy back
Since: Jul 01, 2002

Dec 09, 2004 07:11 am

personally, i reckon cubasis would do for what i think youre trying to do...the only downside i find with 'basis is that the number of effects are limited..

Pinnipedal Czar (: 3=
Since: Apr 11, 2004

Dec 09, 2004 07:13 am

The 'lil Cakewalk I use is like that, Flame . Music Maker lets y'a use 7 of 'em .

Morning !

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Dec 09, 2004 07:30 am

Cubase SX only gives ya 8 inserts (tho you can have a further 8 sends/returns methinks).

Still, as dB says, they all do similar work and jobs.

RE: Quality and audible difference, I found none between some stuff I done and some stuff otehrs have done (even on here) with vastly different set ups.

I think its more the sound card and specifically, the AD Converters that'll make the big difference. Apps are mainly the way we process what we have which in essence may have more features but still work with the same audio in principle.

I may be off course here but thats ma understanding. So, if yer puttin good audio (24/96 card) into Cubasis, it should be cool.



Pinnipedal Czar (: 3=
Since: Apr 11, 2004

Dec 09, 2004 07:36 am

Cheers, and thanks for helping clear that up .

I wonder if they're talking about 'track freezing' in that CW Guitar Pro 3, reference ?

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