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I am not a crook's head
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Here's a first shot at a new song from what I hope to be an upcoming LP. It's called "Alone In The Crowd".

I accidentally over-Magnetoed it, but I'll fix that tomorrow. Also, it's without a bass guitar, so just hum along or something :)

I just get so excited to post stuff that I can't even wait to finish it. Besides, it'll be after Xmas before I get to put any bass down (if Santa is good to me), and I just can't wait that long!

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Since: Aug 17, 2004

Nov 17, 2004 02:07 am

Very original...exciting...going places.

Since: Jul 02, 2003

Nov 17, 2004 02:50 am

I love it Tad! Great song, and man you've got some range goin on in this one vocally. I really like the lead in it too. The mix sounds great here. Even without the bass the song carrys well, course the bass will make it even that much better. Great dynamics to the song and just the style I like. :)


Czar of Cheese
Since: Jun 09, 2004

Nov 17, 2004 08:38 pm


I concur with the Old've got yourself a great song here! I love the way you vary the energy, from acoustic to electric and then back again. Great voice! The organ-ish thing going on in the background was distracting for almost remeinded me of a feedback hum. I am especially impressed with the acoustic guitar sound that you have in the very beginning. What's your acoustic guitar mic-ing set-up?

Very well-done!


Since: Apr 22, 2004

Nov 17, 2004 11:54 pm

Hey Tad...I thought you were pretty talented...could smell it I guess...

From a consumers perspective, your style is the kind of thing I like....I'd hazard a guess that I wouldn't be alone.

Very intelligent and marketable...just my 2c!


BM :-)

I am not a crook's head
Since: Mar 14, 2003

Nov 18, 2004 12:55 am

Hey, thanks for the listens everybody. Your comments are very encouraging, to say the least. I know that I've got a long ways to go, but its support like this that keeps the enthusiasm up.

Dawg: this is definitely the most ambitious that I've been with my vocals so far. I certainly don't have Thom Yorke's falsetto, but hopefully this at least passes for a home recording.

Jim: Good ear, man. That is actually feedback hum. I did it by accident and liked the contrast of it against the first few chord changes, so I redid it and held it for the entire bridge. How would you feel if it were "bent" up a 1/2 step a few times to take the monotony out of it? That's how I originally envisioned it, but there were some complications that prevented it. I dunno, I kept it because I liked how it accompanied the earlier lyric "Like a ringing in my ears / That no one else hears...", it just reminds me of a ringing in my ears :) I think that I'll at least turn it down a bit after the first 30 seconds or so of the bridge and try to alter its pitch a bit to break it up some.

Mum: thank you for your kind words. I'm very enthused to hear that this appeals to someone!

Any more comments are welcome on the mix, structure, or any other aspect of it. I'm here to get better just like you all, so offer up any constructive criticism you can think of.

Thanks again!

Since: Apr 08, 2004

Nov 18, 2004 06:37 am

Well i tuned into this thread to listen, then saw you mention Thom Yorke so REALLY wanted to listen ;)

Really good is this Tad! Right up my street too. Vocally, you are really talented and songwriting too. Some of the phrasing i would do a little differently personally, simply coz it sounds a bit rushed in places. E.g. at 1:36 the "glory" sounds a bit unnaturally timed, whereas at 1:46 the "flesh is rotten" part sounds great.
I'm being really picky there though. The chorus rocks.

This song begs for the bass line now to complete it, its really really good. Apart from Radiohead, I'm hearing some influence from Turin Brakes, Starsailor and Stereophincs in there?????

When the bass is there, i'd like the hear the drums brought out too to compliment the bass...that kcik drum has to punch through a bit more and the snare sounds i tiny bit too weak to me... i'd like it to hit and spring nice and match the message and attitude of the's a bit too laid back at the moment, but thats all just my opinions...

Excellent work. Look forward to hearing more of your stuff mate!

Czar of Cheese
Since: Jun 09, 2004

Nov 18, 2004 07:22 am

Yeah, I think the feedback thing might be cool if it modulated slightly from time to time...

I am not a crook's head
Since: Mar 14, 2003

Nov 18, 2004 10:47 am

cool, thanks for the listen and time to critique, neuaddisibly. Your suggestions are definitely valueable, and I'll keep them in mind as I do my next attempt at this song.

I agree about the drums, too. They're just dry samples that I sequenced in Fruity, and I never got around to adding any compression, EQ, or reverb to them. I'm a little afraid of trying to do that, but once the bass is in there, they'll definitely need something to bring them out.

As far as influences, I think that the biggest ones that inspired me to start on this LP were Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Elliot Smith and Sparklehorse. Bowie and Waits always seem to lurk around too.

Oh, and Jim, I forgot to answer your question earlier. My acoustic guitar recording setup is pretty simple. This time, it's a nylon-string Takamine with an SM57 a little over 6" from the 12th fret, pointed towards the 15th fret.

The fat one always watches us.
Since: Nov 08, 2002

Nov 19, 2004 08:44 am

What a great voice- actually, you play great too. and its all well put togther. Very nice stuff. Once again, a wonderfull job. Im on headphones at the office so i refuse to comment on the mix and stuff- cause these things suck. but i really like this tune. great job

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