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About BoysMum

The Mum of a boy in a rock band who also does sound for teenage bands and records their demo CDs.

My Studio

PC:Pentium 4 3.2GHz (800MHz FSB), 4x 512MB DDRAM, 2x 250GB hard drives(7200rpm), Aluminium case, Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse, Aardvark Q10 sound card, Win XP pro

Mixer:Allan & Heath WZ16:2DX

Software:Cubase SL, Wavelab 5, G7

Outboard gear:Avalon VT 737SP Vacuum Tube mic compressor/EQ/preamp

Monitors:Genelec 1029a powered monitors

Cans:Ultrasone HFI 650's(2)

Guitars:Gibson Les Paul studio 'Wine Red', Gibson Les Paul custom 'Black Beauty', Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Standard 'Ebony', Hollingworth Vintage Series, Sonic electric acoustic, Classical Guitar, Epiphone Signature Series Bass, 76 Epiphone Elitist Broadway Archtop.

Mics:Peavey and AKG condensors, SM58, SM57's(5), Neuman M147 tube valve lge diaphragm, Beta 52, Neuman KM184 cardioid condensers(2), Oktava ML52 ribbon mic, popper stopper

Pedals:Dunlop wah-wah, Hotcakes, Akai Shredomatic, Hughes & Ketner Tubefactor, Arbiter Fuzz face, Digitech reverb/chorus

Other Gear:Pearl Export Series kit - 7 pce, Yamaha U3 acoustic piano, Suzuki Digital ensemble HP-150ex electric piano with midi, some percussion, Numark Axis 8 CD player/scratcher, Behringer pro mixer DX626

Amps/PA/Speakers:Hot Rod Deville 410 guitar amp, Blues Deville 212 guitar amp,Yamaha EMX 66m amp, Peavey speakers, Hughes & Ketner Quantum QC310 bass amp, Marshall Mos Fet 100 Twin Reverb Combo, Fender Bassman.