Looking for a good mp3 to wav ripper.

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Dub head
Member Since: May 03, 2004

A buddy of mine needs one (he's using old Cool Edit Pro v1 without mp3 capabilities). Does anyone know of a good, free, mp3 to wav ripper/converter? Most of them you find on google searches are soiled with 3rd party software. Thanks!

Cheers! -Al

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Since: May 04, 2003

Oct 12, 2004 04:35 pm


all I use, converts everything to everything

(except fried chicken to french fries)

Since: Jan 08, 2004

Oct 12, 2004 04:43 pm

This is the one I use. I love it!


Dub head
Since: May 03, 2004

Oct 13, 2004 10:40 am

Awesome! Thanks guys. Those should work perfectly! -Al

Since: Aug 24, 2004

Oct 14, 2004 04:05 am

can they rip every track on the cd though????? most of them only allow you to rip the first 5 songs off a cd....demo version crap...if these are different ill consider

Since: May 04, 2003

Oct 14, 2004 05:20 am

the dbpoweramp is totally free
high quality
no demo version crap

...bringing sexy back
Since: Jul 01, 2002

Oct 14, 2004 06:50 am

dbpoweramp rocks.


Since: Jan 12, 2004

Oct 14, 2004 07:38 am

Aye, and if you get the very latest version of the dB Poweramp, it comes with a stack of Codecs allowing you to rip to many other things i.e. other than the old Lame Codec.

I think it may be on the dB Power Amp website, but I have a shedload of Codec's allowing mp3pro etc things. Havent tried em yet but there are a lot.

Very handy little app and 100% free..a rare commodity these days.


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