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Ok I know this could create a long a drawn out discussion but my question is this...

I have:
PC 2.8Ghz 1mb cache
800mhz Front side buss
1gb Memory
SoundBlaster Audigy 2
Windows XP Pro
Sonar 3 Producer Addition

and after about 8 tracks recorded and adding VST's I get dropout. I did the things that the Sonar website said to do. Seemed to fix it but the audio does not compare to regular CD's it is at a lower volume even though I got it as close to 0.0db without peaking. Now I am ready to drop some money into a Mac for recording and such. Is Mac the way to go for recording? I know there is not a lot of options available however some that I have been looking at are ones like Digital Performer or Logic pro 6 They seem to be optimized for the dual processor of a Mac...

Another question is, on a Mac do you get the same volume that you do today for the industry standard?

If Mac is better can I get away with G4 or go with G5?

Please help I just want to get a better sound and willing to try something new.

Thank you,
Nick (Drummer/Vocals for Teragis)

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Sep 22, 2004 05:44 am

A mac will have no different results than your PC does. The volume difference is because labels have a bad habit of compressing and maximizing their releases a lot. Waves L1 maximizing, Megneto, PSP Vintage Warmer and the like will help you achieve the extra power you want in your recording. Whether Mac or PC makes no difference at all in that regard.

As far as dropout and stuff, well, you are using a Sound Blaster, so that isn't that surprising. Also make sure you don't have crap running in the background while playing such as instant messangers and other lame resource-hogging apps.

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Sep 22, 2004 09:30 am

Well put once again by dB...

I just read a article in 'Recording' mag that went on about this same debate. It used to be the Mac's were the mainstream for audio but the PC's now are showing to be just as effective. It basically comes down to user preference. A basic Mac G5 STARTS around $2000 and thats without a display monitor. I often bring my machine because of the fact that I have a P2 350M and I swear to you, I NEVER have droputs. I do get the occasional freeze and like dB said, I don't run anything but my program while I am recording...(except for HRC on my browser). So its wierd for me to hear of droput problems on P4's when I have never even had my program stick. Most of the time when mine freezes its from me trying to do too much in a time span of 5 seconds.

Also keep in mind that the CD quality in the industry is done by some Goliath-like facilities. I have come to find that us David's reach CD quality by sucking in all the info we can get, trial and error and of course.....HRC.

Don't know much about the Audigy but if it were me I'd gear towards an 'industry' type soundcard. Which can be learned on HRC......of course.

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Sep 22, 2004 09:56 am

Don't fall victim to the loud is always better theory.


read and enjoy.

I use a pc and use Waves plug-ins and they seem to work fine to increase the overall volume so it doesn't sound like it was recorded 20 years ago.

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Sep 22, 2004 10:20 am

Great article about Rush there Gregor. Very true and I was doing the same thing myself about 6 months ago. Sometimes, louder without limiting ruins what you are trying to get.

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Sep 22, 2004 08:52 pm

Thank you for the info.

I do however want some input on the best soundcard I could use that could work in line for recording? Is the E-MU interfaces worth getting? I need something I can put in for recording purposes only, while still keeping my Audigy for games and movies. I would like something that can record and playback exactly what I hear live... ie. hours of setting up the guitar rig to sound like what I want but then record it with the Audigy and it sounds nothing like what I just setup.

I have been using the BBE SonicMaximizer PlugIn for an overall master. It adds most of what I am looking for.

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