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I saw Once Upon A Time In Mexico on DVD. One of the bonus features shows the director's (Robert Rodriguez) in-home studio. He went to his music setup where he was running Pro Tools, Digital Performer and Giga Studio(s). I am not to fimilar with MIDI but of these programs carried hundereds of sounds...he just clicked on a sound and was able to play this off his keyboard. I have a Korg Triton LE and as I said I am not familiar with MIDI at all, other than what it stands for...Would that software be a syncronization of the MIDI between the PC and the keys?? And if I am in the ball park does anyone know which software would be the best to use to accomplish that type of "sound catalog" feature where I can play it through my keys other than some 'virtual player'??

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Jun 08, 2004 01:48 pm

I suggest reading the HRC article about MIDI:


As for hardware, as long as your sound card has midi inputs and your keyboard has midi outputs, then you are capable of recording MIDI.

As for software that lets you record MIDI, many people use Cubase or Sonar or Cakewalk. I've been using fruity loops as its the program that I have pretty much mastered now so it is very easy and powerful to use. I just recently figured out that I could record MIDI into it and yes, it has been great.

As for sounds, you need to look at VSTi software or DXi software for sounds. Better yet, you can search for (software synthesizers). VSTi's are virtual intruments that work with Stienberg, and DXi's are virtual instruments designed for direct X. Nowadays, most programs allow use of both. I use a few different sound libaries from Native Instruments (Pro-52) and Edirol Orchestral. I also have a program called Hydra but haven't experiment too much with it.

So to sum it up, MIDI can be very powerful. You can select a sound on the computer and then have your keyboard trigger the sound. I like using MIDI instruments so I don't have to sample sounds from the keyboard in .wav format. I feel since I don't have to sample, the quality will come out slightly better.

Hope this helps you.

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Jun 08, 2004 07:03 pm

I saw the same "bonus feature" you and while the stuff he was using is pretty high end, cost wise, there is a lot of great stuff out there (online) that is very less expensive and often free, so you can do a lot of the same things without mortgaging the farm.
Personally, for sequencing/recording, I use Tracktion ($80) thru an M-audio Audiophile 2496 ($150). Standard computer soundcards are definitely lacking when it comes to recording music...
There are several recording programs available as freeware ( N-Track, Kristal ) and I've lost count of the number of soft synths and effects (VST, VSTI, DXI) that are available for free online.
As for MIDI, very complex on the inside, pretty simple on the outside. Getting the initial settings rightr for MIDI can be a little tricky sometimes, but once you get that done, all you have to do is play. And if you have questions there are lots of folks here that can help you out. Hooking up your Triton should be fairly simple. Most likely you just need to plug in the cables ( Midi In, Out ), Set the Triton to send Midi messages over one of the Midi channels ( 1 thru 16 probably ) , the software should recieve Midi info on any one of those channels. From that point it should be just a matter of selecting the soft synth or sampler that you want to play. This setup varies from keyboard to keyboard and with the software you are using, but it should be somewhere along those lines.
I have to warn you though, if you do start using software synths and samplers, you WILL be addicted. Having an unlimited number of instruments and sounds virtually at your fingertips is very intoxicating. And you will have to remind yourself that you do have to go to the store to refill the fridge once in a while.

Anyway, I hope you have as much fun with this as I have...
Good luck and happy re4cording.

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Jun 09, 2004 09:20 am

Thanks to the both of you for your replies...
Basically what I am looking to do is add to my library of sound. You might be wondering "well doesn't the Triton have enough??"...Yes it does.

But we all get greedy at times. I think it would be nice to have a program in the PC with a bank where all I can do it select a bell or a string on the screen and trigger it on the Triton.

For the 3 years I have been working on this studio I have always heard talk of MIDI and never took the time to understand it, let alone sync. it. Well, now I feel left outside the shed, so I am trying to get in. My way of learning is like as much as you can and f* around enough to get a feel.

Where can I find these 'free' software synth programs?? And what are the most inexpensive ones to buy?

I should mention that I have one of those PC Midi cables. It has the in/out/thru for my board then it attaches into the game port on the back of my PC. My recording card is an Echo Mia 2496 which doesn't carry the MIDI adapters...My model is the one prior to what they have out now, the Echo Mia MIDI.....Should I look to change sound cards???

Thanks again for those who take/took the time to reply. -Jason

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Jun 09, 2004 12:32 pm

There aren't too many free software synths. It sounds like your looking for a software plugin that offers a wide library of sounds. If so, you might want to look at the native instruments Pro-52 and Pro-53. I have the Pro-52 and it comes with roughly 500 new sounds which I can alter to make my own sounds.

I guess it all depends on what kind of sounds your looking for. Your probably thinking "I WANT ALL OF THEM", lol. Don't we all? I have a Triton keyboard too and recently, I've been in search for as many sounds as I can get.

As for cost....think of which sounds you'd use the most and then go from there. If your looking for orchestral sounds, there are programs like Edirol, Symphonic Library, Vienna Symphonic, etc....I personally use Edirol and am pretty happy with it. Depending on the software, cost can range from $100 - $5000. Click on the Musiciain's Friend link on the left of this site and search there. That should give you a better feel.

I know of the following sites that offer many free plug ins, but not so much libraries of new sounds:

Most of these plug-ins let you alter any of your Triton sounds to give it somewhat of a new feel.

As for the MIDI and your sound card. You'd have to test your game port to see if the MIDI works. Check all your settings and record midi data to see if it shows up. If it does, you can have it play on your Echo sound card just fine.

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Jun 09, 2004 12:34 pm

Wait to see Noize2u's upcoming article, he has found a GOLD MINE of free softsynths...some of which he said were really very good. I dunno if he has added them to the links directory yet, but it'll be worth waiting for the article. If Noize digs a softsynth's quality, I can be damn sure I will...

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Jun 09, 2004 02:13 pm

Thanks again for everyones time.

It sounds as if I want every sound out there. I just found it to be handy to be able to trigger good sounds from my via a virtual synth.

I'll just keep messing around and researching things.

When I started this post I was curious to see how feasable that is...But like everything in life if you have the cash, it can be feasable.

I am going to drop another post on another subject. Thanks all! -Jason

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Jun 09, 2004 02:18 pm

what kinda music you making btw...that might help point ya in the right direction...

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Jun 09, 2004 11:15 pm

Well...originally I was arranging hip hop. Not your average bubble gum Nelly, or Ja Rule type stuff. But more along the lines of a darker ambience in sound. Lots of slow strings, dark bell sounds...almost evil sounding. As if it were a beat crossed with an evil soundtrack.

What annoys me just a tad is that my Triton doesn't carry a good grand piano sound. Or one that I want to be able to play. Nor does it carry a church-like bell. There are alot of tones I wish I had, that maybe some program was out there to sync with my board...Maybe I am not trying to alter my sounds good enough. Or maybe its just a pipedream. haha


ILLbino - one of WA's finest
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Jun 10, 2004 02:07 am

I focus on hip hop as well.

My triton does have a church type bell called: "Tubular Bell". Sounds pretty clean. See if you have that one.

james t.
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Mar 14, 2007 11:26 am

Hi everybody, Im trying to learn midi.
My setup is a Yamaha So3 keyboard hooked up to a Lexicon Lambda interface with midi cables connected.My software program is Cubase SE that came with a VST intstrument collection. I"ve started with the Halion. When I press the keys on my board the signal is lighting up the meter in Cubase and on the Halion display the midi signal is visualy pressing the keys.I cant figure out why I cant hear the Halion midi signal, but I can play back and hear everything else thats recorded in my Cubase project.
Any help would be great, thanks much, Jim.

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Mar 18, 2007 09:43 pm

You need to assign and audio output from the Halion track itself.

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