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OK, I got my live-set ready. I'm going to play it to audience in a big hall, through 15-30K of PA.

I'm making electronic trance music (which isn't the thing that most of you guys are doing), using synthesized bassdrum and bassline. I'd like to know, how to balance things with these two things.

The usual trick I used to do was to compress them together and cut bassdrum frequencies below 70 Hz to bring bassline more audible.

It's just that with PA like that it would be nice to make this thing right and not to ruin everyone's evening with too boomy bass..

Thank you in advance, guys!

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Aug 07, 2003 02:36 pm

what would be really great is if you could EQ things in real time during the show. that way if things are too compressed or not EQed the way you want, etc, you could change up and correct in real time. How are you putting on the show? Laptop I presume? because that will totally affect the solution. You make it sound like everything has to be done before the show. Maybe you coule get in touch with the promoters who can get you in touch with the club ownwers and maybe you can come in a few hours before they open and practice your set before the show. you know, get a feel for 20,000 watts of soundsystem. Email me at the addy in my profile and I think I can get you in touch with some ppl who will have the experience to answer your questions (unless someone here at HRC has a suggestion?) -j

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Aug 08, 2003 05:58 am

I called to friend to come by and master all songs with his neutral ear (I've been listening those loops too many months now). He does his job well I think, so I don't have to worry that much.

I'm mixing bass, beats and FX in one stereo file and play it with laptop (you were right Jamie). Should I use a multiband graphic EQ and feed the signal from my mixer to EQ and then to PA amp..?

That way I could control the low (and high)frequencies pretty accurately.

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Aug 08, 2003 09:09 am

you're absolutely right. a graphic EQ would be what you'd use to even out any problems frequencies during the set. It's also a good idea that you brought in a friend to master the songs so that they all have similar traits, that'll save some headaches once you get started. And as with any live set, wether your a rock band or a dj or whatever, you have to get out there and do you first show before you're ever going to know what kind of problems you're going to encounter. Maybe the first set won't go so well, but you'll learn from that and carry that expereince with you into your next show.

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