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geez, this profile is old and needs updated..

*M-Audio Delta 44
*Midiman USB MIDISport 2x2
*onboard sound

*Behringer MX802a 8-channel mixer (from dBMasters! thanks, Dan!)
*M-Audio BX-8 reference monitors
*M-Audio AudioBuddy mic/instrument pre
*dbx 266XL compressor/gate
*AKG c1000s small diaphram condensor
*Oktava MK-319 large diaphram condensor mic x2
*MXL 990/MXL 991 mic package deal thingy
*Shure SM57 mics x2
*Shure 533A Spher-o-dyne mic
*Shure PE588 Unisphere mic
*Audio-technica PRO1 mic
*Sony ECM-T6 clip-on electret condenser mic
*JVC mics x2 as well as a bunch of other crappy mics
*DeArmond contact mics x2 (very cool)
*miles of cable and connectors and crap

*B.C.Rich Warlock NJ series w/ Floyd Rose locking trem
*Casio MG-500 MIDI guitar, but the MIDI doesn't work
*Martin Stinger strung with .014's detuned B to B
*no name Les Paul copy, needs new pickups and a set-up
*Springfield 4-string jazz bass copy
*Ibanez EXB445 5-string bass
*Washburn D-10 acoustic/electric
*Yamaha FG-150 6-string acoustic
*Yamaha 12-string acoustic
*Sekova classical that I restored and painted blue and gold
*several other broken and useless guitars
*i have a hard time parting with my junk

*Crate CR-45 45w 12" combo guitar amp
*Crate GS-15 15w 8" combo practice amp
*Peavey MkIV model 400 230w-300w bass head
*Rockford Fosgate "Punch" 12" car audio cabinet modified with 1/4" jack

*can't believe you're still reading
*Boss GR-8 multieffects and amp modeller
*Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
*Boss MT-2 Metal Zone distortion
*Boss PH-2 Super Phaser
*Boss CH-1 Super Chorus
*Ibanez Soundtank SP-5 Slam Punk distortion
*Ibanez LM-7 L.A. Metal distortion
*Snarling Dogs SDP-4 Blue Doo overdrive
*Jim Dunlop GCB-95 Cry Baby wah-wahs x2 (porno guitar baby!)
*Rocktek Distortion
*DOD FX42B Bass E.Q.
*DOD FX53 Classic Tube overdrive
*DOD FX32 Meat Box distortion/octaver
*Rick Gram Tz-1 Woman Tone overdrive
*Bespeco VM-12 passive volume pedal

various instruments:
*M-Audio Radium49 midi controller
*Estey 25-key air organ thing
*Yamaha DD-5 Digital Drums MIDI controller
*Yamaha PSS-140 Portasound keyboard (crap)
*Yamaha MK-100 Portasound keyboard (junk)
*Yamaha PSS-14 Portasound kids toy (it makes animal sounds!)
*Dubreq Stylophone (hey, come on, it was $2 at the thrift store)
*circuit bent Speak & Spell
*Nintendo NES, Gameboy and SNES and other handheld games
*a couple little flutes and recorders
*12" djembe
*all sorts of bells and chimes and kitchen utensils and stuff to bang on

*Yamaha AW1600 portable digital 16-track
*Sharp MD-MS702 minidisc recorder
*Sony MZ-R37 minidisc recorder
*Sony MZ-S1 minidisc recorder
*dozens of minidiscs full of useful samples

Contact Info

Email: milkcritter@hotmail.com
AIM: coma8coma1
MSN: milkcritter@hotmail.com