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i've been working on a 12 song cd with my friend. we accually wrote half the songs 3 years ago but never knew how to record till now. anyways were going to start the vocal part of the recording soon. and that i think is were the problem is going to happen. we don't have a condenser or anything. we have i think i remember 5 sm57s, a cravin sm58 copy and a pg52 bass drum mic. a behringer mixer. we also have a ibanez guitar compression/limiter pedal with attack,level,threshold knobs. what could i do to get the best sound out of what i have

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Jun 13, 2003 02:22 pm

oh and i forgot to mention incase in would help i own a line 6 pod (could the tube preamp help me here any?) thanks

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Jun 13, 2003 03:34 pm

Brock, To record vocals (usable one's that is) you will really NEED a condenser. Fortunately there are some rather good ones for not a lot of $$$... The Oktava MK319 is a good choice... I've seen them for about $100. Rode also makes some nice inexpensive condensors... also Studio Projects C1 is good, the latter being around $200.

I'd also stay away from guitar effects used in the vocal chain...(ie the Ibanez guitar compresser/limiter pedal) These effects are usually tailored to sound best with guitars. I would suggest a Behringer Composer Pro for compression... I've seen these advertized for as little as $89. For a little more you could also get an RNC compressor ($149)

Then, again, you could just rent some stuff and record with that...or you could spend about $300 get some stuff you can keep and take all the time you need for vocals.

hope this helps


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Jun 13, 2003 03:40 pm

brock, you should fill out your gear profile so we know what you have. If you have an FX-Pro series Behringer, it has some effects built into it that really aren't half-bad, they are like presets of their Virtualizer unit.

I don't use them a lot, but I have the 1622FX-Pro and have used a few of the effects from time to time.

They have a chorus that is pretty nice, a couple reverbs, compression and some other stuff that could work very well in a pinch, if you don't have an FX-Pro maybe consider upgrading. They are a great price for a great mixer. Check out "The Gear Bag" for reviews, links and such if you are interested at all.

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