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My Studio

Mackie Analog 8 bus, Mackie MDR 24/96, Mackie remote, Digi 001 w/ Pro Tools LE 5.3.1, Wavelab 4.0, Sound Forge 6, Waves Gold Bundle, Behringer Truth monitors, 2.0 Ghz Pentium 4 Computer, 512 MB Ram, 120 Gig audio drive.

Mics: Oktava MK319
Rode NT1000
Shure 57's (3)
Shure 58's (2)
Audix Fusion Drum pack
AKG D112
Oktava mk012 (2)

Outboard gear: Alesis Quadraverb
Lexicon MPX110
Roland Digital Delay
Rane dual 31 band eq
Behringer Composer Pro
Behringer Multi-com
Marshall cabs (3)
Peavey tube power amps (2)
one with 6L6's the other with
Marshall 100 watt 'plexi'
SIB Varidrive and Echodrive

Gibson, Fender, Jackson, Charvel, Ovation guitars

About 1/2 mile of various audio cable to hook this stuff all together!

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