Someone please help me with this home recording stuff. (recording vocals)

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OK well here is the deal.

Im a hiphop artist, and have been for about 6 years.

Basically im sick of going to the studio to record.

I want to record at home.

I have a good computer.


If I want to run a condenser mic into my computer, what would I need in between my mic and computer? If anything?

Im a poor college student, so funds is an issue, but this has 2 be done!


all i need is decent vocal quality!

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Jun 06, 2003 01:40 am

you need a preamp that can supply phantom power. a small mixer will be yoyr best bet. It will do more than preamp your mic. a mixer is your essential link between you and your computer. you can get a nice new mixer, 6 or 8 channels, fir under $100. if sound quality is an isuue, you might also want to buy better soundcard. hit up the "gear bag" section for links to some of our favorite mixers and sound cards. I have a Behringer MX802a going into an M-Audio Delta 44. Congrats on taking the leap to producing for yourself.

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