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How can I convert an Audio Kick Drum track to Midi using Sonar 8.5PE??

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Since: Feb 07, 2005

Jul 15, 2010 07:57 pm

You might be able to do this with Drumagog. Not 100% sure though. You will have to look it up as I don't have the time right now.
Since: Nov 27, 2007

Jul 15, 2010 09:36 pm

oh man hahaha, i was going to start the exact same thread.
Cheers mclir9.

yep i wanna do the same. i lost the midi from my drum track but i have the audio waves still there in the project. i really need to get back the midi.

i did have mine originaly as a midi track. I did think of drumagog.

we might have to hit up Capt Tripps and see if maybe we could send him our tracks so he can convert them.
Since: Feb 07, 2005

Jul 16, 2010 06:56 pm

They have a demo for download on the site. Seems to me it was fully functional so you could probably get 'er done for free

Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

Jul 20, 2010 01:59 pm

Reaper does it for free. The included tools let you work up a solution for drumagog style stuff. Oop, have to load a 3rd party free plugin too.

Or, conversly, you could put on the included MidiTrigger plugin, which would listen for the audio, then create a midi event. Record the output to the track, and you'll have a midi sequence again.

Though the drumagog demo probably would be easier.

Czar of Turd Polish
Since: Jun 20, 2006

Jul 20, 2010 03:17 pm

Like a hip hop drum? I actually did not download all the midi based gogs but could, they are small.

I would be happy to help if needed.

Since: Jul 02, 2003

Jul 20, 2010 08:52 pm

In Sonar 8.5PE you can use either VVocal, or Audio Snap to convert the track to midi.

Since: Nov 27, 2007

Jul 20, 2010 08:55 pm

hey Cap, i have a whole song i need back to midi.
I have all the seperate tracks, about 8 or 9 of em.
would be most obliged if you could do that for me man.

what should i do? send them to your email? I usr cubase and just wanted to insert them back in as midi and use SD2 as the softy.

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