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Witch’s Mark is an internationally-known pagan rock band, based in sunny South Florida -- and making heavy metal magick…

The band was conceived in 2006 by a group of friends sitting around a drum circle fire. The original incarnation of Witch’s Mark blended tribal drumming with voracious vocals (but only lasted about three practices). Mannun, Thelema and Morgaine soon developed their own unique rock vibe that was definitely more intense than just tribal drumming. Adding a real set of drums, two guitars, two vocalists, bass, keyboard (and a few raw kilowatts of electricity) the band said adios to acoustic, and hello to hard rock! They were soon joined by Rowan and her consort Axium.

Starting out by conquering over 40 cover songs, it would take Witch’s Mark some time to grow into creating their own unique brand of music. Morgaine left the band, and Rowan put her truly powerful set of pipes to work, demonstrating her unique vocal talents. In 2008, Witch’s Mark released Stone Soup – a title that fit well since each member contributed their own talents, ideas and energy, melding together into a deliciously magickal mix!

Soon the group called on Twyg, who had been in a band with Mannun 14 years earlier. Witch’s Mark truly needed a gift from the Guitar Gods, and that gift ‘twas Twyg! Soon Witch’s Mark began to forge metal with an intensity like never before...

In 2011, Witch’s Mark released their second CD, 2Know - 2Will - 2Dare - 2Rock. And rock it certainly did… This was the band’s last CD with members Rowan and Axium, who moved away from South Florida. Over time, new members came and went, but the group always regrouped and today Witch’s Mark includes five fiercely talented musicians who all come together in their own special way: Mannun on bass, Thelema on keyboards, Twyg on guitar, the Brazilian-born Skye on vocals, with Torden as the band’s chief God of Thunder on the drums.

Witch’s Mark is no garage band. They’ve played for large audiences at both pagan and non-pagan events, including a nearby city-run festival in Miami with over 15,000 attendees. The band’s Facebook page had maxxed out Facebook’s limit of 10,000 fans, so they started a second page. The band’s music has been sold all over the US and in nearly every European country, plus Brazil and other parts of Latin America. They even have a significant following as far away as Australia.

Their music is available just about everywhere. CDbaby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and others have sold over 10,000 digital downloads!

Check out to see what’s new, or better yet leave your mark on Witch’s Mark by joining their fan club at (URL).

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Presonus Audiobox 44VSL
Steven Slate Drums
Sonar X2
Ozone 5
Presonus HP-4 Headphone Amp
AKG Perception 200 Condenser Mic
Audix I-5 Instrument Mic for Guitar Cabinet
Home Made PC (CPU AMD2400, 1gig DDRRam, WinXP Home, TDK CD Burner, 1-20gig HDD for programs and 1-250gig HDD for music)

:PA System:
Allen Heath Mix Wizard 12:2
Numerous cheapo Mics
Sennheiser Mic (Not sure which one, got it like 5 years ago)
2 - Peavey SP2 15" Mains
2 - Yamaha SW118 Subs
5 - Shure PM200 In Ear Monitors
2 - Behringer EP2500 Power Amp
1- Behringer EP4000 Power Amp
1 - QSC850 AMP
1 - DBX Driverack PA
1 - BBE i862 Sonic Maximizer
1 - Behringer Composer Pro Compressor
1 - Behringer Super X-over
1 - Behringer 31-Band Graphic EQ

Marshall 150W Head and 4 speaker Cabinet
Fender Strat & Gibson LesPaul Studio
Boss Tuner, Zakk Wylde Wah, Boss Distortion Metal, Boss EQ, Boss Delay, Boss Chorus, Vocalist Live

Yamaha PSR-E403 61-Key Portable Keyboard
Direct Box

Gretsch Kit

Fender Jazz Bass
Behringer Amp I think its a 50W

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