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well, just drums and guitar at the moment, vocals and bass to be added when tracked...

first, whats your opinion on the recording and levels so far?

besides the kick doesnt sound that great lol, for there next song were using my kick wich is much better :) dont worry!

to me, its alright till the end, theres a breakdown where the china cymbal seems really loud, and right at the end with the fast double bass the kick is really low...

the bad thing is that atm i only have two inputs so i had to mix down to stereo before going into my comp, but i tried eq'ing the kick at the end, up without ruining it, but it wouldnt go up much (i mean louder of course)

and the drums were done with 2 OH's, an sm57 on snare, and a d11 on kick

also, this was my first time recording a guitar cab..with 2 mics (glad i did!)

i used an sm57 a few inches away, and angled just slightly to the side of the center of a speaker (theres 4)... and a condensor (one of my OH's) about 16 inches away...pointed in the middle of all 4 speakers??? no idea what to do with it but it sounded alright!

i did a test recording, and zoomed in on the wave to see if it was in phase... but honestly i think my knowledge of phasing is wrong, or not good enough... but it looked like the waves were on time with each other (thats the idea about phasing that i have right now lol)
i just know what phase refers to and how waves travel from physics class... if the mics arnt in phase, the two tracks wont have the same trend (rise's and dips) at the same time right?

so how does the guitar sound?

again i did a bit of eq'ing but i dont have much experience dont know a lot, so i used a 6 fader virtual eq and just kinda went by what sounded good... i wasnt really trying to make room for the drums er anything

iits in my profile!

thanks in advance for any input or criticizing is welcome too!

ahah i actually brought the studio to them for these tracks, (never again!) lol with the computer, monitor, mics cables mixer, 5.1 speakers :| ahah bad decision!

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hmmm the guitars do sound a bit phasey... I'm not sure exactly how to visually tell if something is in phase. But I think you have the idea right. Just try pulling the condenser track on the guitar back a hair because the sound was reaching it later than the 57.

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