sirhc - Chris
Member Profile - 08/25/2008

About sirhc

had a few projects going, nothing atm

into alot of heavy stuff, but im into more of the screaming stuff than the gory grunge stuff... but im usually up for anything! although i rarely find myself enjoying country haha

My Studio

Interface - m audio 2496
Mixer - Yamaha MG102c
DAW - Sonar 8

mics worthy of mentioning(sorta):
AKG D11 kick
2x Samsun C02 O/H
Shure sm 47

moniter with powered speakers :\
- logitech 5.1 surround

Computer (built)

Benq 24" full hd :)

Case: coolermaster cm690
Mobo: Gigabyte EP45-DS3L
Ram: 2x2gig dual channel 800MHz DDR2
CPU: intel E8400 3Ghz core 2 duo
Video: radeon 4850 512 mb
Sound: m-audio 2496 (delta 44 soon!)
storage: western digital 500 gig