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Hey guys,

I started a thread on the recording portions of the forums for these tracks, and with some good replies, and things I have learned along the way the past year or so, I think I finaly got my first real project to the point where I can be proud of it.

I played engineer only, and with this being my first 'real' project, and the mixing almost done, I would like opions from some more expirienced engineers. I was asked to record an acoustic demo for a local band (and old friends) so they maybe able to land a gig a the local casinos. Please give em a listen and tell me what you think. They are very happy with it, and I am as well, but I am still somewhat new to this, and I have the bare mininum on gear for mixing.

So please, give me some opinions.

Here is a short list of things I thought needed to be done:

Vocals - Some compression; slight verb added to vocal master bus

Guitars - Nothing has been done to them, they turned out pretty decent raw and a couple others here agreed

Bass - Was recorded through a sonic maximizer/bass head through an XLR cable. The track 'The Showdown' has a little distortion in it due to the bass level being to loud - we may or may not re-record it (just a demo).

Cover song - Leroy Brown:

Cover Song - Folsom Prison Blues:

Cover Song - You're So Bad:

Original Written By Them - The Showdown:

Thanks in advance for listening!

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Jan 25, 2009 06:36 pm

You'll find mine in the other thread. Killer stuff.

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