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About RockWood610

I work with Sony Vegas for video production, and Reaper 4 for all my audio production. Tracking is of course the easiest part (for me anyways), and I have that nailed down with the gear I have. But I need all the help I can get with my mixing/mastering.

I have started my own small home/project studio to try and give local musicians good quality demos for rock bottom prices, as well as record my own bands.

My Studio

My Recording PC:
-AMD Phenom II 64 X6 Core Processor
- Window 7 Ultimate
-16 Gigs of DDR3 Quad channel memory.
-7 Internal Hard drives (One for running software; others for media files. Main boot drive is SSD)

Software/VST Plugins
-Reaper 4
-Sony Vegas 13 Pro for video editing
-Sony Sound Forge 11
-Several Waves Plugins from version 9 collection
-Toontrack's EZ Drummer
-Toontrack's Superior drummer 2.4 w/Metal Foundry Expansion.
-Line 6 GearBox/Pod Farm 2.0 & VST Plugins With It w/ Latest Updates

Hardware Gear:
-Line 6 UX8 interface
-M-Audio USB Midi Box (midi data transfer)
-Concert Mate 990 Keyboard w/Midi in & out
-Alesis DM10 Pro Studio Pro Kit
-Samson Resolve 40a Studio Monitors (1 Pair)
-AKG M80 Heaphones (4 pair)
-Audio Technica ATH-M30 Headphones (1 Pair)

Vocal/Instrument Mics:
-MXL V63M Condeser Mic (1)

Contact Info

AIM: rockwood610 (not on much)