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I am running a burned copy of Sonar, w/o a manual. The program does not detect any midi outputs, eventhough my soundcard is updated and compatable. Therefore I cannot hear anything, I have run wav profiler, etc. and was just wondering if anyone w/ experience w/ Sonar could possily offer some guidance. Most appreciated,

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Feb 09, 2003 12:26 am

Well first let me tell you that you should not pirate software. its illegal, and its not fair to those of us who pay good money for our software

Go to choose midi devices one one of the toolbars and select your outputs

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Feb 09, 2003 02:01 am

its just the demo

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Feb 09, 2003 06:55 am

This sounds like a question for Noize2u, I'll see if I can get a hold of him for somehelp, he uses Sonar and enough MIDI stuff to make ya cry...

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Feb 10, 2003 12:01 am

naw this guy's got all kinds of great hardware here. it's the people with like $10,000 worth of software and still running a soundblaster that make you start wondering.

hey slothrop, how's that lakland? I played a friend's fretted lakland and it had a great fender precision vibe to it.

as for Sonar, I'm still running Cakewalk Pro Audio, as it's all I can afford for now, and I get the "no midi assigned" message sometimes. sometimes i don't. It's real quirky really. I usually have to go in and manually reassign my Midisport device. In Pro9 you just go up to Options > MIDI Devices and highlight the objects you want to use. Then I have to go into each track's properties and individually set each track's MIDI where it belongs. It's a pain and I'm sure there's some shortcut to it that i'm missing.

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Feb 10, 2003 10:10 pm

As Dan said, go to options/midi devices and highlight the midi output or output's you want to use. Then you have to make sure you assign that port to the track you want to play. Also make sure you have assigned a channel and an instrument to use.

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Jul 26, 2004 02:21 am

Hey, I am having the same problem! Sonar 3 is not even recognizing my microsoft GS wavetable SW synth for a midi output device, i.e., it's not even an option in the "midi devices" dialog. It only lists "microsoft midi mapper," but that is not working at all. I tried reinstalling the drivers and sonar 3, but it didn't help. What's going on?

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