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After having an ensoniq asr10 for many years the old girl finally passed away.
As a guitaristI like to develop a lot of ideas on the keyboard as it gives me a different perspective on writing & melodies etc compared to the guitar. Has any one had anything to do with arranger keyboards (yamaha psr900 etc) or am I better off with something like a triton.
I don't want to go the controller option just yet.

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Answer:On a good day, lipstick.
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Jan 08, 2008 12:08 pm

Just my 2 cents worth....

I'm no keyboard player, but I've done very well with using an old Roland into my DAW via MIDI only. I then use the softsynth/VSTI plug ins for sounds. Shoestring budget'll do that to ya...

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Jan 08, 2008 10:02 pm

Hey manny, having used a lot of keyboards over the years and having used the ASR10 as well I would say you might get more out of the Triton or one of its siblings. I was just looking at a used Roland workstation as well. They are pretty nice too. Maybe a tad more affordable the a Triton, but the sounds are pretty good.

The Yamaha is a bit flimsy and has a pretty deep menu to get at some of the editing features. The Triton on the other hand is laid out very well in that area.

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