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  • On Dec 01 2002, 01:59 am in Gear Gab
new mic or compression
right now im running a senhizer 893 as my mic. should i buy a compessor or an actually condensor mic first...
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  • On Nov 30 2002, 02:57 pm in Gear Gab
tascam 564
I just picked up a tascam 564. It records as it's supposed to but I can't get it to playback.The play light just flashes.The led indicater shows time used on the disc and it will return to the beginning of the song.It just won't play.Has this happened to anyone? Or does anyone know what it could be? I bought it used from samash and although it comes with a warrenty,I'd like to see if I can get it to work.I like the possibilties this unit offers.
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  • On Nov 29 2002, 03:17 pm in Gear Gab
Do pre-amps boost condensor mic signal as much as they do dynamics mics? if not, does the quality of the pre-amp have much effect on the sound of the condensor?
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  • On Nov 26 2002, 03:11 pm in Gear Gab
oktava mk319
Oktava mk319 Only $99!!! new at your local guitar center. found in the new december deals ad. this is a must get! even if you dont need one. im going out tommorrow to get one.

(note: i dont work for guitar center nor am i getting any benefits for plugging them, but i just thought that since everyone has told us so much about how wonderful this mic is. its a good deal)
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  • On Nov 20 2002, 05:35 pm in Gear Gab
effects and gear?
hey guys i was looking at buying the... Anatares Vocal Producer... i noticed that it has built in compression and i was wondering if i should get another sepreate outboard compression unit also cause it would be better.... what is your opinion... there are the specs on the Anatarest gear..;bfmtype=gear

also what kind of compressor would u recomend i was thinking of getting a either a 4 or 2 channel one wich would u recomend and what brand....

my other question is...

should i run an my mics thru and eq before i record... or just record it straight to my card thru my preamp and then... worry about eqing later...
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  • On Nov 19 2002, 02:22 pm in Gear Gab
Question Involving Reel to Reel
Alright, I've got a nice old reel to reel recorder sitting at music go round taunting me, just as something to have in my studio to look pretty. anyway, it's a two track recorder... heres the quesiton though, and it's relativly dumb... I have a 12 channel mixer... would the reel to reel be able to record all 12 channels simultainiously or would it only record two? Could I record a track, then go back and overdub another one?
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  • On Nov 18 2002, 03:40 pm in Gear Gab
mixer table
hello, yesterday i went out and got the Behringer MX2642A Eurorack.;bfmtype=gear

what i want to do is find a table or desk that has a rack in the middle to hold this. so the mixing board is my table top....ware could i get such thing? thanks the way what do you think of my mixer?

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  • On Nov 12 2002, 08:58 pm in Gear Gab
Mixer help
Iím ready to get a mixer to for my setup. I looked at the mixer you guys recommended on your newsletter, the UB1622FX-PRO Eurorack Mixer. I think its kool. I have a ton of sources that I would like to connect to my sound card such as an MD recorder, one VCR, one Hi 8 deck, One Svhs deck, a CD player, an external CD recorder, A phonograph player, A two track reel to reel, a cassette tape deck, a headphone pre amp, and of course some mics. Iím still in the newbie stage but want to get something that will last and give clean audio. I read some of your posted info on Mackie vs. Behringer mixers. I have about 300 bucks that I could spendÖwhat do you recommend. I still donít totally know what else I would use the mixer for in a PC based recording environment, so any advice is welcome.

Thanks in advance,
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  • On Nov 11 2002, 09:47 am in Gear Gab
Overload Mic?
Hi, I am a newcomer to recording and I've just purchased a Neumann TLM-103. I was wondering if it is possible to damage your mic if the signal coming in is too great?

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  • On Nov 11 2002, 01:06 am in Gear Gab
roland. and more please help
whats the deal with this "new" studio package roland is doing? its like a mixing board but the discription says it comes with a sound card and logic 5. if i buy this package and i already own a computer would i need anything else to be up and running??? please help!!!
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  • On Nov 08 2002, 06:09 pm in Gear Gab
Home Recording Upgrade: Recommendations?
I've been piecing together a little home recording studio over the last 5 years or so. I use it to record my music, mostly acoustic guitar (sometime with a Fisher pickup, sometimes through my mic) and vocals with some string bass or electric guitar (by mic'ing my Deluxe Reverb amp) thrown in once in a while for good measure. The goal is to craft music I can share with friends and use for demo's with potential small venues.

Below is the system that I have so far. Any recommendations on what my next purchase should be? I suspect that I need a compressor and probably a new mic, but I'm looking for your expert opinions:

For Recording:
- Yamaha MD4 4 Track MiniDisc Recorder
- Alesis MidiVerb 4 Effects Processor
- AudioTechnica ATM41HE Mic

I mixdown to my HP Omnibook 500 Laptop using the following:
- Aardvark Direct Mix USB3 SoundCard
- CakeWalk Guitar Tracks 2.0

I'm nothing but happy with the Yamaha. I've considered going completely to a computer based system, but I like the way the Yamaha works and the storage capability. Those few times I've needed to do something fancy (like add a drum track or move vocals around in the song) I was able to use Guitar Tracks by recording single tracks to it.

So, specific things I'm interested in:
1. What's the single most important thing I could add to improve my recording quality?
2. A compressor, that's necessary, right? Based on previous threads, I've got a pretty good idea of what I need...
3. I don't know much about my mic (it was a gift). Am I killing myself by not upgrading to something? What do you recommend?
4. Guitar Tracks 2.0 doesn't record 24 bit, but the USB supports it. I supposed I should upgrade the software I use for mixdown. Rec's here?
5. Final question - does anyone else use the Aardvark DirectMix USB3? I'm having some problems with sound playback (sound cuts out). Tech support was unable to help me. It's really frustrating, but at least the recording piece works like it should.

Thanks for any advice you can give you a relative novice.

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  • On Nov 08 2002, 02:20 am in Gear Gab
Powered Mixers and Recording
Okey, heres a dumb question... but... I've got a good deal on an old powered mixer. this thing is huge. Lots of nice features too, anyway, my question is for recording is it okey to use a powered mixer, or should I stick with my small non powered one?
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