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  • On Mar 06 2003, 10:25 pm in Gear Gab
Can I not use a phisycal compressor?
Do I need a real compressor unit or can i go only with the plugins(like C4)?
Milky Mark
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  • On Mar 06 2003, 02:44 pm in Gear Gab
COMPRESSOR A MUST(new folks look)
I just picked up this here Alesis 3630 Compressor, and let me tell you. I've been trying to get that proffessional vocal sound for ages. They had this thing for 99 small dollars at guitar center, and since i kept hearing pre-compression, pre-compression, pre-compression, i decided to spend the money and get a damn compressor. I'd been trying to do compression on vocals thru software since i record in cubase, and could never get it to sound quite right. I even bought a new microphone in hopes of improving vocal sound. If I would have known it was as easy as dropping a penny on a compressor i would have done it ages ago. For any new comers to recording, if you are going to do vocals, get a good mic, but MORE importantly, get a compressor, a hardware one, not a software one. Just a word of advise.
Milky Mark
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  • On Mar 06 2003, 02:41 pm in Gear Gab
Oktava 319
Guess there may be a bunch of stuff about this in here already. Here's what i got to say about the mic.
Previously I'd been recording with a shure beta 38a hooked into my computer thru a seasound solo soundcard.
I decided i could probably get a nicer sound (although the shure was nice) with a condenser mic and since the mic was only a hundred bucks and i already had the phantom power for it i figured i might as well give it a shot.. So far, I haven't been able to get 1/2 as good a sound out of the Oktava. I'm trying the different combinations of these cute little switches, etc. -10db and bass rolloff -10db and no bass rolloff, no -10db and bass rolloff, well you get the point...... How are other Vocalists using this mic? what is your preferred "switch" combination? I'm getting a .whole crap load of "essing" and i hate the side effect of de-essers making me sound more drunk than i am.

Help out... for a mic with a list price of 600 bucks, there has to be a way to get a slammin sound out of this piece.

Thanks all!
Milk Man
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  • On Mar 05 2003, 08:44 pm in Gear Gab
What do the big boys use?
Does anyone know of any websites that have listings of the gear used by professional guitarists, bassists etc? You know, stompboxes and and all that. had a few but now is unaccessable.
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  • On Mar 05 2003, 02:45 pm in Gear Gab
drum mic clips
i have a drum micing kit and i need to find clips or something to attatch them to my set. i've seen clips from $5 to $50. any ideas as to what is the best buy?
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  • On Mar 04 2003, 10:17 pm in Gear Gab
what is the best way to add keyboards to your project
I need to put some keys in my songs, but I don't have a midi sound card. What is the best way to add keys to my home studio?

P4 1.8
Sonar XL 2.0
Fruity Loops
Midiman 2X2 usb
J-station w/J edit
omni studio delta 66 pci card
ship load of diffrent mic
quadraverb 2
line conditioner

I have been looking at a midi module and a Studio Logic SL880 controller.
I have also thought about samples and a controller
Christian Nokes
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  • On Mar 03 2003, 02:57 am in Gear Gab
I've identified the Mackie Problem
Greetings friends,
I posted a topic about a month ago on how my Mackie 1604 vlz pro was making a crackling sound every once and a while. It turns out that it was the "Right tape output" where you would hook up an RCA cable to go to a stereo or some kind of monitoring or mixdown device etc. Do any of you know how one would go about fixing this. I realize it could be anywhere from a quick alcohol swab wipe to having to take it into a shop and pay close to half of what it would cost to just buy a new one. But please, I want to be enlightened. All comments are welcome. Thank you for your time.
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  • On Feb 25 2003, 04:10 pm in Gear Gab
Phantom Power
Walt is on the ball there, only time you're going to want to use phantom power is when you are using a condensor mic. Some boards have phantom power in em, other older boards require an outboard power supply.
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  • On Feb 25 2003, 04:03 pm in Gear Gab
Behringer B1
Anyone has anything to say about the Behringer B1 mic? It is cheapest I found here in Brazil. It called my attention cause it's a behringer, that usually makes great equipment.
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  • Updated by Walt
  • On Feb 25 2003, 11:00 am in Gear Gab
I have a hasssssssss
behringer ub2442fx - pro, just got it went down to use it at a gig and i ahev found a big hiss. when i turn the master volume up any where over half and ideas on how to get ride of it or should i take it back......
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  • On Feb 25 2003, 05:54 am in Gear Gab
New Studio, Mixer Help!
I recently got a delta 1010 for my pc and am shopping around for a new mixer to dedicate to it. I need something in-expensive but not cheap, 8-10 channel and with direct outputs for each channel.
Any advice on setup of this unit or a mixer to accommodate it would be greatly appreciated.
-thanks BD
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  • On Feb 23 2003, 12:35 pm in Gear Gab
drum triggers ?
Hay does anyone know how the drum triggers work , I have an elctric kit, and i was wondering if i was to put the mesh drum heads on my accustic set would i be able to put a drum trigger on that instead of waking up the neigborhood . If the triggers work on the whole vibration or impact i don't see why i would not work . The ideas a lot cheaper than buying more pads , each pad is around a 100$ and most triggers cost around 20$ or lower .
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