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  • On May 26 2003, 12:08 pm in Gear Gab
stereo channels?
i see stereo channels on mixers, i wonder , how do u use them?? and for what are they?
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  • On May 25 2003, 09:48 pm in Gear Gab
multi-effects processor
i am considering buying a multi-effects processor for recording and playing live. does anyone own one or have any recomendations? (money isnt too much of a concern because if i dont have enough now, ill just wait until i do, i figure its better to go with quality.)
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  • On May 22 2003, 06:32 pm in Gear Gab
digitech studio 400
Has anyone used one of these . I've been given a great deal on one and want to know of anyone using it , i was looking at the digitech quad 4 ( the model that took it's place I do belive) but i can get this prossesor for cheaper .
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  • On May 20 2003, 08:40 pm in Gear Gab
2 Track editors
Ok guys and gals,

I just got Sound Forge 6.0. This sucker ROCKS! I've been using Wavelab for about a year and didn't know what I was missing. To me, Sound Forge just plain sounds better(and costs less). Perhaps it is the way plugins are processed? I don't know???

Any thoughts on this?

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  • On May 20 2003, 07:04 pm in Gear Gab
Sonic Maximizer
What are they? Is a hardware or software maximizer any better than the other? Are they needed in mastering?
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  • On May 20 2003, 06:52 pm in Gear Gab
I'm looking at getting new pick ups from guitar , I have a few I'm looking at and seeing what everyone else thinks , I'm looking for some nice "meaty crunch" but also ones that can keep the good tone . I'm looking at Seymour duncan SH-8's or SH-6 (maybe both for two different guitars) or EMG HZ H4A's they look good too . any help would be cool . My style is around NIN and Filters .
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  • Updated by Geoff
  • On May 20 2003, 02:51 pm in Gear Gab
questions on solid gear
i sort of addressed this in the topic asking about whether the phonics board was good or not, but please allow me to be more specific. i'm looking to get some solid gear so that i can make some GOOD recordings of my band, even beyond the awe-inspiring power of my behringer MX802A.

i was looking at spending somewhere around $2000 on gear. the setup that i currently have in mind is a mackie 1642VLZ-PRO into an echo layla system. i've already got (3) SM57s and (1) Beta 52, so i'd probably go for one or two solid condenser mics (i currently have an MK319) and perhaps some tom mics unless the 57s would work well.

the $2000 mark is a LOOSE ceiling. seriously, any and all input on this would be very much appreciated. i'm looking forward to taking tons of time trying to milk out the best sounds i can for some badass jams. thanks!
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  • On May 20 2003, 12:03 am in Gear Gab
Thoughts on this board?
Phonic 24 channel analog mixing console

From the looks of it it is a nice board. I am asking because I need a larger board with direct outs and this one has twenty of them. I am going to look around and see if I can get one for cheap. I know that everyone uses behringer, but is there an affordable behringer board this size with this many direct outs? The reason that I ask is I plan on upgrading the studio soon with larger sound cards, maybe a few delta 1010s or a MOTU if I can get the cash, I don't know, I want to be able to record a full band at once and this many direct outs would really help. One thing I've heard about Phonics is that they're noisy though, and I use one of there reverbs and it is a bit noisy. I have a smaller phonics mixer but I never use it so I don't know how it sounds really. Anyway, yeah... what do you guys think?
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  • On May 19 2003, 10:54 pm in Gear Gab
Really Nice Compressor
I was thinkin about gettin the FMR audio RNC1773 soon. Here's how I need to run it. Ive got a crapy dynamic mic that I want to go straight into the RNC, then out into my soundcard. Is this possible? Do I need to get a line level signal somehow before I go into the compressor? Will the RNC act as its own preamp maybe? The inputs and outputs are kinda weird on this thing but i've heard its one of the best for its price. Does anyone have one here? Thanks
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  • Updated by Jamie Garrett
  • On May 18 2003, 04:37 pm in Gear Gab
is there such a thing?
is there such a thing as a thing that can connect to the headphone out of a guitar amp then it splits into TWO headphone ins?
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  • On May 17 2003, 12:34 am in Gear Gab
M-audio audiophile question
I have an audiophile card and i'm looking in to a USB/firewire or break out box that's compatible with my current card so i can have more In's to record more that 2 live tracks . any idea's or help would be cool and $$ isn't too big of a problem .
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  • On May 16 2003, 11:04 pm in Gear Gab
digi 01 + power G4 +pro tool =???
Being in Iraq there are benifits , when i'm not dealing with aircraft , i'm studying recording ond all the tools of the trade . I'm starting classes with Berklee when i get back to the states and unfortunatly I have to start all over with a new set up . as some may know I'm a big M-audio and Sonar user ,now I'm going to have the ability ( when i get home) to have 2 systems . i Guess my question is for blue ninja ,who seems to be the pro tools guru ; is it that much different to switch over to pro tools and is pro tools all that is hyped up to be ? I guess regardless I'm going that way to get that whole pro tools administrator deal with berklee .
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