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  • On Nov 09 2003, 11:56 am in Gear Gab
Ozone 3 released!
There's a new version of Ozone out now. $200 new and $50 for the upgrade. It's got TONS of cool new features and options. I didn't know it was possible for them to improve it any more... The EQ is the most noticeable improvement, I'd say. You can zoom in now and even automatically match spectrums with other recordings. You can now choose between digital and analog modeling in all the modules, too. There's a ton more. Check it out.

...Oh gee-- Now I have to upgrade ANOTHER program...
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  • On Nov 07 2003, 06:52 am in Gear Gab
Sonar 3
Has anyone upgraded yet? What are the new features
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  • On Nov 04 2003, 10:01 am in Gear Gab
Routing Question
My board has a main out that is left and right, and group one and two outs. My question is I can route channels to group 1 or two and some to main left and right in order to record four simultanious tracks?
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  • Updated by rightside
  • On Nov 03 2003, 11:37 pm in Gear Gab
Amp choice
I was looking for a cheap solid state amp for about $300. I would like it to have 2 or 3 footswitchable channels and me to be able to run my POD through it. I was looking at the Crate XT120R 120W Guitar Combo and the Fender 212R. They both have what Im looking for exept the Crate has 20 more watts than the Fender and the Fender has 2 imputs to the crate's 1. I have tried the Crate at Guitar Center and liked it a lot, but have not tried the Fender. Any comments on these amps or on any others in this price range would be appreciated.
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  • On Nov 03 2003, 11:54 am in Gear Gab
Studio Monitor
hey guys ...i really digustin with my hifi speaker tht i use for mixing coz it really play different sound in diff system! so i m lookin for a cheap monitor! anybody can give comments on Roland DS30A & Yamaha MSP3 it cozt $195 & $149 respectively, and if i go for passive monitor like Alesis MK1 Mk2- $199 only...pls help!
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  • On Nov 03 2003, 07:51 am in Gear Gab
recording drums on a multitracker
hell-o folks

I'm in a band and we're looking to start recording some of our music. I've got a setup at home which we're going to use. It consists of:

PC with Cubasis VST and an M-Audio Audiophile
Pod XT
Edirol PCR-50
Phonic MM1002 Mixer

The studio room is quite small, and our drummer is yet to buy his own drums (don't laugh...) meaning, unless we resort to midi drums (no thanks), we need some way of recording drums in a rehearsal room, then bringing this recording back to the studio so the rest of the band can play it's parts over the top. Still with me?

I have been recommended the Fostex VF80, which, althouh will only allow us to use 2 mics to record the drums, we feel is adequate. Can anyone give any advice or opinions on this? Also, how do you transfer recordings off the V80's hard drive onto the pc for editing in Cubasis?

Any help appreciated...
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  • On Nov 01 2003, 01:13 pm in Gear Gab
Connection, wires that is...
okay, maybe i was dreaming or maybe i had a revloation but i need help finding this one damn wire, all i need is one too.

1/8 to XLR

i need one of these connections so that i can record a dynamic mic to my MiniDisc Portable Recorder. im going to use the combo to recored "on the spot" interviews for my up-comming website..

if anyone knows where i can find this wire....please let me know! i have looked long and hard...its starting to hurt...eyes are getting dry.
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  • On Oct 31 2003, 08:33 am in Gear Gab
So Goldilocks goes into the 3 bear's house to master a recording...

She puts on a pair of headphones. "This sound is too tinny!" she said.

She turns on the computer speakers w/ subwoofer. "This sound is too bassy!" she said.

She goes to listen to her recording through studio monitors - whoops, there are no monitors. In a fit of depression she slumps into a corner, wildly cramming stale porridge down her gullet.

So, in other words, I need a recommendation for a CHEAP pair of monitor speakers to use when mixing/mastering/not cramming porridge down my gullet. Does anyone have any recommendations?

They don't have to be perfect, perfection is way out of my budget. The cheaper the better. Radio Hack product advice not spurned. This is for noncommercial home recordings, I just want people to hear them without me having to apologize profusely for the lousy eq job.
AK Redline
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  • On Oct 29 2003, 06:31 pm in Gear Gab
who records guitar with a mesa boogie triple rectifier???
how are the results im going for a metal guitar sound and i found a mesa boogie half stack triple rec head and 4 12's for 1500.... i just gotta get my guitarist to buy it will this im prove my resuluts greatly? or what is a great amp for the metal sound?
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  • On Oct 27 2003, 03:07 am in Gear Gab
pod dying?
my pod is acting weird. anyone else ever had this problem? suddenly the volume drops off. it hangs out down in this depressed state for several minutes, then comes back to normal. it's like someone is working the volume knob. last night it got even worse. on the way back up the volume started fluctuating, like it was trying to come of out of a deep hole, and was very weak.

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  • Updated by GhettoDefender
  • On Oct 26 2003, 04:51 pm in Gear Gab
Compressor question
I was looking for a compressor on a about $100 budget. I would like it to have some nice features like a de-esser or a mic preamp. I was looking at the Behringer models like the Composor 2600 model. Any suggestions?
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  • Updated by dbmasters
  • On Oct 25 2003, 10:31 pm in Gear Gab
Signal processors
I have no signal processor at all, I was tinking about buying one to make my sound better, but i dont know what to get. Maybe a cheap channel strip?
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