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  • On Jul 15 2004, 11:24 am in Gear Gab
connecting drum machine via midi
need a little help guys, cos, well, youre all great people and im stuck. good enough reason? great!

ive got a midi cable today for my roland tr626 drum machine. ive plugged it into my soundcard, and selected that as the midi input on all my apps...cubasis, fruity and acid respectivly.

now what? ive got no idea what to press or set in any of those apps to make em work. anyone got the knowledge or patience to run me through step bystep in any of these apps? dont mind which, just wanna get something working!

itd be muchly muchly appreciated...

Ben Elliott
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  • On Jul 15 2004, 01:13 am in Gear Gab
What would I be better off with? Please help.
Hi everyone. This is Ben Brackett. My internet has been down for a long while, so I'm back with a new username. Anyways.......

I had planned on Purchasing a Digi002 with Pro Tools Le for a long time now. The only problem I had with the Digi oo2 was that it didn't offer 24 faders for all tracks at the same time. You had to select each track by groups of eight. Then, I heard about this new control surface from Tascam, and I wanted some opinions. It offers 24 faders, as well as a joystick for stereo mixing. I wanted some advice and opinions on this new product, if you have the time. Thanks.;bfmtype=gear
Ben Elliott
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  • Updated by TheRealWaldo
  • On Jul 13 2004, 07:10 am in Gear Gab
Alesis 3630
I buying an Alesis 3630 compressor/gate tomorrow, to go with my Pro Tools LE system. What do you think of this product?
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  • Updated by BruceAMiller
  • On Jul 12 2004, 02:00 pm in Gear Gab
Bes mics ever
Oops! Thats meant to say "Best Mics ever"

What do you guys think the best microphones are in the following categories:

Acoustic Guitar:
Electric Guitar (micing amp):
Bass (micing amp or strings)


Mainly looking at price vs quality
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  • Updated by dbmasters
  • On Jul 12 2004, 01:55 pm in Gear Gab
MXL 990
I've read reviews but I need to know, Is it good for screaming and punky type vocals. Also I have a 6 channel P.A. thats 220 watts, will this give it the phantom power it needs or do I need to get an additional source of power to make it go.

Edward Hall
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  • On Jul 12 2004, 08:34 am in Gear Gab
Can anyone help? Mixer Power Cord?

Hi there, I am a newbie to home recording and trying to get a basic studio together. I've everthing that I need.... everything except a power cord to Mixing desk!! . The mixing desk I have is quite old (Spirit Folio by SoundCraft) and I can't find a cord for it anywhere. I have checked online, including the Soundcraft site, sent emails(no reply), yet still unable able find out where I can get this cord or what it is called.

Can anyone help? Here is a link to a pic of what the power cord input looks like.

If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.


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  • On Jul 12 2004, 06:29 am in Gear Gab
New Setup
Hey guys I'm relatively new to this but I'm hoping to get ready for setup, mainly recoridng solo vocal stuff with keys and acoustic guitars but also everynow and then may be doing a rock/church band sorta recording.

This is my list of "Stuff":

Mixer - Behringer Eurorack UB1622FX-PRO 16-Input Mixer;bfmtype=gear

Speakers - Probably a Dvd type 5.1 surround sound. Maybe Logitech.

Headphones - Couple of pairs of Behringer sets for recording then a set of senheisers for mastering.

Microphones - thinking 2 or 3 sm57s and 1 0r 2 Rode NT1-As

Compressor - MDX2600 Composer Pro-XL Compressor;bfmtype=gear

Pre-amp - not really sure on this any tips?

Software - At thsi point msot probably Cubase unless someone can suggest a better program, Cubase is the only real program I've "Seen" so I dont know what the other run like.

Anything I've forgotten?

Any input appreciated. Thanks all.

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  • Updated by guitwizz
  • On Jul 11 2004, 11:52 pm in Gear Gab
AKG or Behringer? and what about monitors?
I'm just getting my home recording studio, and i have everything except monitors and mics. I heard Tannoy Proto J Plus monitors were very good, besides being inexpensive.
I was also wondering.. the only mic's I'm familiar with are shure's.
Should i got with an AKG or a Behringer? Any specific models? I figured 2, one for vocals and one for micing instruments. Trying to keep them around 200$ or 300$.
Help me out, here.
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  • Updated by Walt
  • On Jul 11 2004, 11:16 pm in Gear Gab
Will someone please advise me. I want a good mic for vocals. I like to sing really quite. Very airy and so want something that picks this up well. For loud stuff i just scream into a dynamic and add loads of effects, but really need an alternative mic for soft melodic vocals. Can someone please advise me on the Rode NT1 vs NT1A. Any other suggestions?
Recording Chick
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  • Updated by guitwizz
  • On Jul 11 2004, 12:58 pm in Gear Gab
mackie onyx micpres and perkins EQ
I would appreciate feedback from anyone that has used the new mackie onyx boards in the studio. How do they compare to the VLZ and VLZ PRO series mic pres. Is the perkins EQ really equal
to those pricey British consoles. Help me cut through the hype. Can the Onyx Mic Pres really be equal to solid state class A mic pres costing 2,000 and up. Lets not talk about specs, but what you hear. Thanks
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  • Updated by K aryn whittemor
  • On Jul 09 2004, 06:15 pm in Gear Gab
Behringer or dbx Compressor
Which compressor do you think would be the better choice for compressing guitar tracks, the Behringer MDX2600, or the dbx 166XL? If neither what would you suggest.
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  • Updated by Coltrane
  • On Jul 08 2004, 04:02 am in Gear Gab
Rode NT-1 vs NT1A
I was wondering if anyone knew the differences between the NT1 and NT1A in the Rode mics. Is either better quality than the other or just about the same as I was quite impressed by the A's prices and the NT1 seem to have a good rep.
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