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  • On Oct 06 2004, 10:06 pm in Gear Gab
my circuit bent keyboard
circuit bending is when you modify a piece of hardware (eg a keyboard) to make mad noises.

i pikced up a tiny kids keybaord today and modded it to do this :

mad eh?
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  • Updated by bbbitter
  • On Oct 06 2004, 03:46 pm in Gear Gab
The Radium49 MIDI control ROCKS!
OK. so I got my Radium49 yesterday...I thought, great, time to call my buddy Noize2u and ask him how to hook it up and use it...I know nothing about MIDI past about 1989 with my Roland MC50 sequencer, U220 Sound Module and JX1 synth.

I figgered what the hell, I'll give it a shot...installed the drivers on our family system (The kids can have funn with it too) and within 2 minutes was actually assigning it to basic MIDI sounds and stuff and actually making noise...WooHoo. This USB/IMIDI stuff is the bomb. Took it down into the studio, hooked it up my studio system and within a few minutes I was playing it thru DreamStation in Sonar, and the free version of Tassman 4 that came with the latest issue of Music Tech Magazine. Assigning facers and knobs to faders and knobs in Tassman with ease, so I can turn a knob on my Radium and it adjust the assigned parameter oin the application...dudes and dudettes, this little thing ROCKS.
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  • Updated by kamikaze
  • On Oct 04 2004, 05:08 pm in Gear Gab
M-Audio BX5 or Behringer Truth B2030A

I have the option of ordering BX5's offa eBay and paying about $450, or I can buy a pair of B2030A's locally for $500.

Which would you pick, and why?
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  • Updated by Real Wun
  • On Oct 04 2004, 01:57 pm in Gear Gab
How to connect line out to monitors?

So i've decided to use a pair of Behringer 2030A's with my Audigy2 card, and now I'm at the "how do i connect this stuff?" phase.

I can only use a line out on my soundcard, so i'm thinking i'll need a 1/8" stereo phono jack (like headphones) to TWO 1/4" mono phono jacks.

The closest adapter i can find is this:

but the problem is that the female jacks on it are stereo, so if i plug a mono cable into each of those and run it to my monitors, they'll both be grabbing the left channel only, so no stereo operation.

Where can i get an adapter that will suit my needs? Any suggestions?

Real Wun
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  • On Oct 04 2004, 01:54 pm in Gear Gab
What is this (PICTURE INSIDE)

Whats the name of that mixer?
And what is that under the mixer? Brand?

Can sum1 please identify these items for me
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  • Updated by Edvo
  • On Oct 04 2004, 01:53 am in Gear Gab
Preamp with A/D converter
I use all 8 ins of my EWS88MT for tracking drums, also I have one S/PDIF in, I would like use it for room mic, so I need something like mic preamp with A/D converter. Does anyone saw something like this or can suggest me other way? Thanks
mad flows
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  • Updated by Jason H.
  • On Oct 03 2004, 01:36 pm in Gear Gab
help with rap and hip hop set up
I'm having problems on what to get for my studio.
I'm recording just rap, and want to put out radio quality material. I have a mxl 2001 mic and a boss br-52. i'm thinking of uprading to the items below, but i don't know if they'll give me what i need. any suggestions will be appreciated.

1. Roland vs 2480 dvd. or digidesign 002
2. korg triton studio keyboard
3. Akai Mpc 4000
4. Blue kiwi microphone

I don't know what computer,compressor/gate, mic pre to get
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  • Updated by Walt
  • On Oct 02 2004, 04:15 pm in Gear Gab
Unbalanced vs. Balanced Connections
Hi again,

I'm wondering how important balanced connections really are in a recording environment. I'm about to shell out money for some nice monitors but i have no way of getting balanced inputs to them.

I don't have many cables in my studio at all. Pretty much just from my guitar into my pedal. I don't see there being to much "interference", but was wondering if I'll have to deal with noise problems if i do without balanced inputs. Has anyone ever had problems with that?

Let me know,

Jason H.
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  • Updated by cocofromscotland
  • On Oct 02 2004, 02:45 am in Gear Gab
Behringer V-Amp Pro
Anyone here run or have any input on this device. I need a guitar modeler (no, not a skeletal female with drab clothing holding my ESP)...

Something like this would suit me but before I dive in about $200 I wanted to ask you good people here on HRC...

triple w @ v-amp dot com

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  • Updated by BennisHahn
  • On Oct 01 2004, 02:56 pm in Gear Gab
Do i need "digital" monitors?

I was almost completely ready to buy a pair of Behringer 2030A Studio monitors when i started thinking about how i was going to hook them up to my computer. I am using a SoundBlaster Audigy 2 Platinum for all of my recording purposes, and to my dismay, it does not have balanced outputs. So, I am worried that i will wind up with interference when using my monitors. Furthermore, the only line out i have is a single 1/8" TRS connector in the back of my soundcard, so I'll have to get a y-cable that will feed two 1/4" TRS from the one 1/8". Not only is it going to be hard to find this y cable, but i'm worried it will only add to the interference.

I was looking at the Roland ds-50a digital monitors, but they are ridiculously priced, and i'm not sure i want to spend that much money on a little problem like this. It's nice because my soundcard has optical outs so i'd be able to run an optical cable into the speaker and i would have DVD quality audio, but i'd rather put my money into speaker quality.

What should i do?
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  • Updated by Hue
  • On Sep 30 2004, 06:07 pm in Gear Gab
Patch Cables
I just bought an unbalanced patch bay for my studio. Now I need cables. I want to use an 8 channel snake for my ADAT's ins and outs, and I need to buy a bunch of patch cables for the bay as well. My question is this: Who makes good cables for this? I've seen the ones on Musician's Friend by Jade, Hosa, and others, and they vary quite a bit in price for cables of similar size. Does any body here have a particular favorite, or any suggestions?
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  • Updated by flame
  • On Sep 27 2004, 07:56 am in Gear Gab
ESI nEar05 Minitors
Someone has used this monitors?
Sounds good?
What do you thik about it?
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