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  • On Jan 09 2005, 01:04 am in Gear Gab
ADAT Interface
I just want to verify something before I go ahead and do it:

I own a Behringer ADA8000 Ultragain Pro with 8 preamps and 8 ADAT out channels.

I want to buy an ADAT interface card for my computer, perhaps like this one:

Will this give me 8 simultaneous recording channels (not, for the moment, worrying about monitoring already recorded channels)? Will this work with most popular software apps (I use Cool Edit Pro)?

It seems simple to there anything that I am overlooking?


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  • On Jan 08 2005, 11:51 am in Gear Gab
rack mount designs
hey all!! does anyone here have, or know where i can get(preferably off of the internet) some designs or blueprints maybe for building your own rack mounts for the studio? i only need (2) to hold about 6-8 pieces of gear each! thanks, gregg
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  • On Jan 07 2005, 10:08 pm in Gear Gab
What do I need?
Im on the hunt for a sound card and Im considering the new Audiophile 192 but I really don't know if it has enough for me
Here's my future set up and based on it please advise me what im looking for in a sound card
(Im new 2 this so please bare with me)
Audio Interface: ????
Mixer:Eurorack UB 1204
Monitors: ????
Preamp - PreSonus Eureka
Microphone - SHURE KSM 27
MIDI Keyboard/Controller - Evolution Mk-449c usb
Headphones - Sony Pro MDR-7506
Turntables,dj style mixer,and God knows what in the future ......?????????
Im producing Hip Hop so I wont be needing to mic drums etc but I would like to incorperate electric guitar and Bass into my beats but all that plugs in to the pre amp right?
also Im wondering if u could tell me where and what kind of cable connects mts mt preamp to my sound card?
Mic/Bass/guitar >preamp>????(whhat kind of connecter)sorry I really am but im just learning!
ps same with monitors where do they plugin ?
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  • On Jan 06 2005, 11:03 pm in Gear Gab
Mounting cables
Does anyone know how can I mount my own cable, like, buy the parts and mout it myself?
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  • On Jan 05 2005, 10:40 pm in Gear Gab
Sonar 3 and VSTi's

I was wondering if someone experienced more than myself could give me a hand. I have Native Instrument's B4 (VSTi) recorded into a MIDI track in Sonar 3. I can not for the life of me convert this to a normal audio track for more editing. I know I'm susposed to use the "bounce to track" option, but it is not lit up, no matter what I try. Any ideas? Thanks so much!


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  • On Jan 05 2005, 09:47 pm in Gear Gab
Help with mixers, please .
I just got the digital mixer back from the repair shop, and was considering a few options that have become available to me while it was out . Specifically: automating a multitrack ap with it . Is there anything outside of setting the sample rate/channel/MTC of each device, and assigning the I/Os that I should be aware of ?
The pres on the Tascam TM-D1000 digital mixer are yuck, so I wanted to use the UB2442s instead, but which way to hook 'em up ? Are there any benefits to using the direct outs of the Uli, to get there, or should I sub it ? I'm thinking the subs are the way to go, just for the flexability factor, but I dunno . I wanted to ask around here before I picked up the cables .
I'm thinking that if this all works, things are going to get pretty interesting at the mixdown stage... so any help towards achieving this would be a beautiful thing ! 8 )
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  • Updated by grAFItti
  • On Jan 05 2005, 02:51 pm in Gear Gab
NT1A sample songs
Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone has used the Rode NT1A in any of theyre recordings? If so, could you prvide links to some of them? I ve been wanting to hear one for myself before i buy one, but i hear good things about them. Thanks

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  • On Jan 05 2005, 10:34 am in Gear Gab
seriously planning an upgrade
i have been working with this fostex vf-16 for about 6 months or so but i am finding editeding to be well frankly a pain in the royal arrs ..and seein that i dislike computers very very much i am consider upgrading to a more professional hard disk workstation i am looking at the tascam 2488 ,the roland 2480 ,but i think i may have my eye fix on the tascam sx-1le considering that i really want 16 track at once recording for acoustic drums and entire emsemble's what you all think...?
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  • Updated by Loki
  • On Jan 04 2005, 11:12 pm in Gear Gab
I'm stupid and need help
Need help with a temporary set up.

Until I get my monitors in I am using my cheesey computer speakers. What I wanted to do was hook my mixer up to my delta 44, and in Sonar selct the 44 as the input and use the stock soundcard as the output because that is the one going to the speakers, but when I did this and tried to play into sonar it had no sound and I don't think it was even getting any input. Odd...
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  • On Jan 04 2005, 07:08 pm in Gear Gab
What is Polyphony Really????
I was thinking about purchasing the Alesis Micron...and it boast 8 polyphony and 4 does this add up? what does it do? do they interact?
To my understanding polyphony means for the model above i can play 8 notes at a time. Now im thinking...If theres a kick and highhat and a string on the first beat of the measure i just used up what 3 of my 8 polyphony???? Am i confused? Does multitimbral help?
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  • On Jan 04 2005, 06:09 pm in Gear Gab
Special Effects Machine
Is there any type of machine that I can buy that has recorded sounds that I can use in my recordings? I'm looking for applause and laughter. Isn't everybody? Now that I read that it sounds stupid.

Anyway........I want to record as if I am entertaining thousands of people and add applause...........and laughter....and any other effects that would enhance the recording.

Does anyone know where I could get something like this?................Without actually performing for thousands of people?
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  • On Jan 04 2005, 03:28 pm in Gear Gab
New to Compression
I just received my MDX1600 in the mail today and i hooked it up as follows: Mic > Preamp > Compressor > Delta 44. When i sing into the mic, it does compress it, but my voice becomes fuzzy. It's really fuzzy when i am singing more loudly. Any ideas about the problem? I really know very little about compression in general, but this will probably only be used for vocals.
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