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  • On Aug 24 2005, 11:10 am in Gear Gab
Sound module/controller recommendations?
I do little diddies with primarily guitar (elec and 12 string acoustic), bass and drums. I have some other odd instruments like an old Fender Rhodes elec piano that is a bit finicky and is WAY too noisy. I periodically like to add in a little something different but that Fender Rhodes is a one trick pony.

I am not a keyboard player at all, but use a sequencer to record my Roland VDrums and then sync it to a Vstudio and thus I don't have to commit to drum sounds until the final mix. At any rate, because I already have to run the sequencer, it seems like it would be worth it to add some synth capabilities for pads, etc. That would let me throw in something a little different now and then.

I am looking for recommendations for a sound module and controller, or combined that is in that "sweet spot" in its life cycle where you can round one up on eBay for a good price, but the capabilties and features are still quite good. The controller doesn't have to be full size, in fact a shorty would be nice for space reasons. $500 would be the extreme limit for the moment.

I ran across a Roland XV-5050 on eBay a few weeks ago and it looked like it was in the right ball-park. It sold for like $350 or so. Rack mount would be ideal. I don't know the first thing about sound modules, but I would love something with great audio quality, decent quantity of included sounds and preferrably where new sounds could be added. I don't need cutting edge features, massive sound library storage, etc.


Also, if I do separate module and controller, what kind of controller is a good affordable choice? What kind of expression widgets, parameter tweakers, etc are needed?

Thanks in advance. I'm a total newb in this area. I know enough to ask dumb questions and that's about it.
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  • On Aug 24 2005, 03:47 am in Gear Gab
Dr. Moog dies
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  • On Aug 23 2005, 01:19 pm in Gear Gab
B.L.U.E Baby Bottle Mic for Sale
Hey guys, I have a B.L.U.E Baby Bottle mic (with shockmount, pop filter, etc.) brand new in-box and I need to get rid of it. I haven't even used it once and it's in perfect condition. Any takes? Email me an offer if you do-

thanks guys

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  • On Aug 22 2005, 03:26 pm in Gear Gab
FYI--Wave Converter 2.0 ( for Boss BR-900CD/864/532 ) is available
[quote]At the Japanese site-

Choose "English - Downloads - Manuals - BOSS 864 - then choose
DOWNLOADS on the RIGHT navigator. Voila.

The manual is also available at the bottom after the software.[/quote]

this was posted in the 864 yahoo group.. ive been checking the us site regularly, and its still not there

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  • On Aug 21 2005, 10:31 pm in Gear Gab
Not just another patchbay question!
Anybody know of a MIDI patchbay at all. It sure would be nice to not have to go behind my Tascam to access the MIDI I/O. Thanks guys.
little guy
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  • On Aug 21 2005, 03:42 pm in Gear Gab
NADY Products.... your thoughts??
Has anyone used any NADY products, specifically their 8 channel preamp??? If so what are your thoughts on it??
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  • On Aug 19 2005, 07:26 am in Gear Gab
Effects Pedals
Hey all
I'm looking into getting a effects pedal and the Digitech RP300 looks pretty good. Any comments? Is it good or bad for any reason? Does it wear out easily? Has anything ever broken on yours?
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  • On Aug 18 2005, 07:48 pm in Gear Gab
Quick Mic "Oktava" question
i have a mic i am trying to record vocals on "Oktava MK-319" it didn't have a instruction manual but from my research on this board... i've noticed that the two switches on the back are a "low cut and a 10 dB pad" what does these exactly do... as well as what will these do for vocals...

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  • On Aug 18 2005, 09:51 am in Gear Gab
Vocal Equipment Required....Please help me choose!

I have recorded several children's stories onto CDs, and up until now i've been using a standard sound card, crappy micrphone, and cool edit pro 2.1, to edit them.

I've just bought a brand new Dell PC. It has come without a sound card, mainly because i haven't been able to decide which one to get.

I now want to make the sound much more professional. A lot of what i've read on recording studios is based upon musicians, but since i only record talking, then there is a lot i don't require.

I need some help and advice (which is why i joined this splendid forum) on what equipment i should buy for a professional (or as close to) sound.

What I need is: A decent micrphone, a decent soundcard, and whether Cool Edit Pro (now called Adobe Audtion) is what i should be using?

I am not on a tight budget, and am willing to spend the necessary cash. However i'm not rich, so i would like to keep it within $1k region, or possibly cheaper.

I thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


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  • On Aug 15 2005, 09:35 am in Gear Gab
I am very interested in one of these. A year ago I bought a Digiman DM2 thinking it would "scratch" my files running off my PC...instead, it just added a scratching "effect". It did not morph or distort my tracks, which was the whole reason I took interest into scratching.

Anyway, a couple of months ago I discovered that what I was really interested in were CDJ's. I saw them at the local music shop and took even more interest this time around.

There are tons of good reviews on the net and great deals on Ebay.

Have any of you guys used one before? was it responsive and accurate?

keith jumawan
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  • On Aug 15 2005, 02:13 am in Gear Gab
variax 300 & workbench
dB- i read your review on variax 300 & workbench and i agree its not exactly like the real models, but its still cool as hell! . . . its a versatile guitar . . . i just bought workbench, but i heard something really scary . . . i heard workbench caused some 300 to shut down . . . i just asked line6 about this and im waiting for there email before i try installing workbench . . . did anyone hear of this?
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  • Updated by Josh Rose
  • On Aug 14 2005, 05:36 pm in Gear Gab
Behringer V-tone
My little brother plays guitar for my "band" (I drum) and the amp head that we were using went overseas with my older brother. So now were without guitar amplification but left with the crate 4*12 cabinet and not much funds. We just need something to practice on, doesnt have to be real fancy, so we're looking at a Behringer V-tone GMX 1200H head on musicians for $200. Is it any good, and if not, do you have any other suggestions? Thanks
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