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  • On Nov 17 2007, 01:18 pm in Gear Gab
Because I obviously don't have enough guitars, I've talked 'er indoors into "buying me" (guess who'll test it/actually put down the cash?) a Telecaster for my birthday (42 on the 26th...aargh!). Heard good things about the Squier Affinity series (butterscotch, natch). Yes, it's a cheap guitar - the '51 has been discontinued and I wanted that - but the reviews are stellar. My $99 Squier Affinity Strat is one of the nicest strats I've ever played (as far as playability is concerned). $170 for a Tele? Cool..

Anyone tried one?

Am I foolish?

I do want that twang for my arsenal.

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  • On Nov 16 2007, 06:34 pm in Gear Gab

One day these things will decide your playing isn't good enough... and kill you
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  • On Nov 16 2007, 04:26 pm in Gear Gab
Rondo / SX / Agilent / Variax Selling Thoughts
That recent thread brought Rondo to my attention and I have been very impressed by what they sell and their outstanding customer service reputation.

I'm thinking of picking myself up one of the SX Telecaster copies for around $120 and a Les Paul copy for around $200 (AL-2000).

So what I'm looking for is just any general comments on Rondo or the SX/Agile Guitars. I am 100% definitely a "value" gear guy and I do have a guy who does all the guitar maintenance work for me so setup etc. is not an issue.

The following on question is this. I can probably afford those two guitars but I am tempted to sell my Variax 500, I love the guitar (as a guitar) and it's all I'm used to but I constantly fear it going wrong so I was thinking to sell it while it has some value. Any thoughts.

The Variax is great but I honestly can't tell much difference between the guitar sounds (or at least none I care about). I don't use the auto open tunings, though I should, and I no longer use the Acoustic models.

My complex theory is this. Sell Variax and POD XTL (which I only keep for the Variax connector), keep Toneport UX2 and perhaps get a POD X3 Bean Model, after all this I come out evenish :)
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  • On Nov 14 2007, 06:14 pm in Gear Gab
Multitrack recording solutions--your recommendations?
At a distant festival each year I get to be a Live Sound Tech...assistant. I wannabe an incredible Sound Tech like my mentor, but with two days experience per year, it ain't gonna happen. I could get experience locally if I had a certain level of skills already, but I don't have any way to get those skills. Or do I?

Here's my idea: I purchase a recording device that can simultaneously record 8 (or more) tracks. I go to a local concert and the kind sound tech lets me tap into the direct outs or inserts from 8 channels and I record the raw input. Then I go home and feed the 8 channels into my mixer as if they were coming through the snake. I practice, using different equipment, effects, speaker placement, and perhaps constrain the input signals for more challenge. Once in a while I go get a fresh set of tracks to mix. I practice more, and eventually I get the skills and confidence I seek.

Yes, I'm a Live Sound grasshopper and this is a Recording forum, but we both have a stake in the overlap. Please offer your advice on quality multitrack recording tools. I want to capture multiple raw inputs and feed them, unmixed, into my system, so I don't think I want a workstation with mixing capabilities and built-in modules duplicating the discrete components I already have. Or is that still my best choice?
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  • On Nov 11 2007, 07:30 pm in Gear Gab
Cascade Fat Head or Fat Head II????????
The Cascade Fat Head, I have been looking into getting a pair of these microphones for a few weeks. I have read a lot of good things about them on recording forums and in mix mags. The only thing I can't figure out is what the difference is between the Fat Head, and the Fat Head II......besides the fact that the Fat Head is shorter than the Fat Head II and you can get a Fat Head II in a stylish black finish....... Can anyone offer me any counsel for this puzzling encumbrance?
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  • On Nov 08 2007, 02:00 pm in Gear Gab
the Perfect Mac Pro ?!
I am about to purchase a MAc Pro.

What will all the Pros here recomend me on having as a MUST on this MAC pro?

I am going to record, Compose Produce etc etc on this system.

many thanks.
Keith Warren
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  • On Nov 06 2007, 04:01 pm in Gear Gab
M-Audio Fast Track & MXL V63MBP?
I've kinda decided on this combo as my budget recording solution. Any words against or for these products would be appreciated.
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  • On Nov 03 2007, 11:34 am in Gear Gab
Studio Monitor volume adjustment
I am using MOTU mk828II Firewire, and using M-Audio BX-5a for monitor.

I use Sonar 6 SE for sequencing and audio recording. However 1 question I want to ask.

Should I fully turn the volume knob of two monitors? As each speaker has its own volume control, I think it's difficult to make them in same volume if not maximum. However, if I fully turn, the things are very very loud coming out from MOTU and Sonar, and so I must tune down the master volume in each Sonar project. But is it normal? Please help~~~
Keith Warren
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  • On Oct 30 2007, 07:50 pm in Gear Gab
USB Mic vs. Audio Interface
I'm at an odds with myself on this.

I have about 250$ to sink into mics and/or an interface. I've been looking 2 setups:

1) A Line 6 TonePort UX1 with an AKG Perception 100- 229$

or 2) Samson CO3U Multi-pattern Condenser kit with shock mount and desk stand- 189$

I want multi pattern, but I've never used USB Mics and I'm not acquainted with the cons of such. My conventional train of thought leads me to believe the USB mic is the best option. Anyone have any advice?
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  • On Oct 30 2007, 05:33 pm in Gear Gab
Do I Really Need a Great River Pre?
I'm new here, so please be gentle.

I'm a non-pro, home recording "hobbyist" (for lack of a better term). I record mostly vocals and acoustic guitar (some bass) into a Korg D1600 DAW (no computer) using an inexpensive MXL v57m LDC mic into an ART tube pre. I just sold some old gear, and have some $ to upgrade my pre (and maybe mic).

I know a couple of folks that rave about the Great River ME-1NV pre, and I do like the idea of gain-staging so I can dial in just the amount of color I want (I do prefer a little "warmth" to "extra bright").

But I can't help thinking that for half the price of the Great River pre a FMR RNP and RNC would be a nice upgrade from my $69 ART pre, and would be all I would need.

So now I'm torn between throwing everything I've got at the $1000 Great River pre or going for the FMR pre + comp, and having enough left over to start mic shopping.

What do you folks think. I know it's completely subjective, but I can really use some direction here.

Herb Utsmelz
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  • On Oct 28 2007, 07:45 pm in Gear Gab
What the hell is this?
I'm guessing that this is right up there with the "hard drive balancer" and using a green magic marker to make your CDs sound better...

And for only $249!
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  • On Oct 28 2007, 07:31 pm in Gear Gab
Stupid question
If I've got a condensor mic plugged in to a mixer on Phantom power, can I plug a dynamic mic into the same board, even though it will have 48V running through it?
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