How to use an interface with alot of ins and outs?! (M-Audio Delta 1010)

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I`m looking into upgrading my 2in/2 out setup for more inputs so I can track drums.
Anywaym I intend to buy the M-Audio Delta, obviously I will need preamps to plug into this so which is the best route to go for more inputs? Separate rack Preamps? A mixer with plenty of XLRs?
How should I do it? and which way is the most usual way of dealing with lot sof ins and outs?
Thanks alot.

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jimmie neutron
Since: Feb 14, 2005

Oct 30, 2005 02:55 pm

The way you do it, is a matter of personal preference, really. The mixer route is probably the cheaper choice, but be sure you've got either "Line Out" or "Insert" jacks, "Direct Outs", lots of "Aux Sends" or lots of "Busses". Assignable busses are very flexible, especially for "live" work, but expensive to incorporate. The "Aux" sends can be just as usefull, especially when dealing with "live" monitoring sends and/or FX sends. But they can also be used to "send" to your audio interface. "Direct" outs are somewhat usefull, and generally include all the EQ & Aux stuff in a mixer's strip. "Line Out" and "Insert" jacks can be used the same way, and that's as a "pre-" send to an interface. They "tap" the signal before it goes thru the EQ or Aux portions of the mixer strip.

A more expensive, though quite desirable route is the separate pre-amps route. After your mixer purchase (to get you going with pre-amps) and after much research, you can go out and get a pre-amp or 2. Do some test recordings with different mics in different applications, and you'll come to "see" which one you like best in different situations. I, unfortunately, cannot speak from experience here, as I'm almost dirt-poor (wife, 2 kids, house, car, etc., etc...). Do some reading around here in "Recording Tips" and other sites, magazines and books (btw, the public library is a *great* source of slightly dated resources...) and ask lots of questions...

Since: Jun 04, 2004

Oct 30, 2005 07:05 pm

ahh right, thanks for the input. so you know on a device like the Presonus Firepod, what would all the trs outputs be used for? I`ve never known what people would use all those outs for? How do they work?!
thanks again,

Czar of Midi
Since: Apr 04, 2002

Oct 30, 2005 07:20 pm

Multiple outputs are for mixing through a desk or mixing board. In my case I might use them for sending a track through an external processor and back in again. It also allows me to send certain busses out through the desk and try differant EQ settings right on the desk, then I can go in and tweak the EQ with a pluggin instead after I find what I want. Or some may be sending the tracks live to an ADAT machine or a tape machine.

And besides, it isnt just the Firepod that has that many outs, there are interfaces with as many as 24 analog outputs.

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