New Laptop for work- Maxed out XPS system

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The fat one always watches us.
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i got a gig of ram, 512 just wouldnt cut it.
100 gig hd
I cant wait to set up a little mobile recording!!

downside- its heavy!!!

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Since: Apr 03, 2002

Jul 14, 2005 12:57 pm


My next purchase is a new computer...but, for the office, not the studio :-(

Oh, that and a vacuum cleaner...woohoo.

Hold 'Em Czar
Since: Dec 30, 2004

Jul 14, 2005 01:23 pm

get one for the studio, and move your current computer into the office!

ro-tate your po-sis-SHUN
ro-tate your op-sis-SHUN


Since: Apr 03, 2002

Jul 14, 2005 01:25 pm

Thought about it but I can't, my studio PC is a custom built machine in a rackmount case...and I ain't custom building PC's anymore for anything except my studio...

Freeleance Producer/Engineer/Gtr
Since: Aug 11, 2002

Jul 14, 2005 06:10 pm

dude... the dyson vacuums are the ****. we have the yellow one and it works great

Since: Apr 03, 2002

Jul 14, 2005 06:49 pm

Yeah, that's one we are gonna check out...and the one with the commercial slamming on it...the "Wind Tunnel" Oooooooooooo

Prince CZAR-ming
Since: Apr 08, 2004

Jul 15, 2005 10:17 am

we had an oreck, will be getting another. they're very good as well.

Lost for words with all to say.
Since: Sep 12, 2003

Jul 15, 2005 10:25 am

OH heck! do a review on it dB! LOL

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